Optimize Your LinkedIn Strategy for Attracting Customers

Used by close to 600 million members and responsible for 80% of social media business leads, LinkedIn by far offers the best opportunities out of any social network for any professional or small business. To best leverage the platform to your advantage, we’ve put together the following strategies to maximize your results and optimizes your efficiencies.

Create a stellar profile

Your Profile is the first thing that people see when they connect with you, so make sure that it’s fully filled out and it’s a good one. Take the time to craft a Profile that best highlights you as a professional. The biggest mistake that most people make when they create a Profile is to write it like it was their resume. Instead of focusing on filling in your educational background and a chronological list of past and current jobs, concentrate on describing ways that you help people solve problems.

Your headline and your summary should tell people a story. To start, your headline doesn’t have to be simply your title, in fact, it shouldn’t. Instead, use compelling action verbs to demonstrate how you can meet people’s needs. Use your summary to showcase your specialty, what value you can add, and your passion for what you do. The more specific you can be about your focus and how you can help people to solve their problems, the better. Use words that people can understand and don’t get overzealous with complex terms.

Build your network

Once you’ve set up your stellar Profile, use the LinkedIn Search function to find members and invite them to connect. Follow prominent people and companies that are relevant to your specialty. The more relevant your network is to your niche the more priority rank you receive on LinkedIn when you publish. Building a large network also gets you in front of people faster. Always send a thank you message to those who accept to connect.

Join groups

Joining groups are another effective way to connect with members and build relationships. LinkedIn has thousands of groups that focus on almost every niche, so choose ones that are best aligned with your specialty. Add value to the groups by sharing relevant content that adds meaning to the discussion. LinkedIn’s online communities are not the place to over promote your services. Instead, share knowledgeable, trusted information to foster relationships with like-minded people.

Optimizing your postings

Posting on LinkedIn often is the best way to be seen by your connections and if done correctly by many others outside your network. Not only does it help to you to build your presence and keep you in the forefront of your network, but it also showcases you as an influencer in your specialty.

LinkedIn offers some suggestions on how to get your content seen to as many people as possible, so follow their lead. The best posts that get the most exposure contain content that either adds value to someone’s career, is industry-relevant or appears to come from a credible source. Furthermore, content that is delivered in the formats that LinkedIn likes to see also receives higher priority rankings in the feed. Following are some best practices for posting relevant content.

  • Sixty percent of users access LinkedIn via their phone, posting short content with engaging photos yields more engagement and reach.
  • Native videos on LinkedIn get shared 20 times more than any other content. Utilize LinkedIn’s Native Video functionality to create original content.
  • Posts with links have up to a 45% higher engagement rate than those without. Post long-form content in LinkedIn Publisher. Reference them in home feed posts via referral links using snippets to promote.
  • Coverage on events gets more reach. Utilize LinkedIn’s new Conference Frames functionality to highlight activities. Live and pre-recorded videos can be created via LinkedIn’s Native Video app.
  • Time of day affects a post’s performance. Best times to post on LinkedIn are Tuesday through Thursday mid-afternoon. Review the analytics for optimal scheduling.
  • Be consistent with your engagement on LinkedIn. By posting 20 posts per month, you will reach nearly 60% of your audience.
  • Mention (@) people when posting content that is relevant to them.
  • Changeup your content with a mix of relevant tips, opinions, quotes, Q&As and news utilizing different formats such as video, images, links, Slideshare, and text.
  • Add hashtags and work in keywords where you naturally can to boost your SEO.
  • Use a social media scheduling tool to manage your account. Que up evergreen content and take advantage of their auto-schedule functionality to optimize for high engagement.
  • Add value and develop relationships with influencers within your specialty, by sharing other people’s content as well.

The takeaway

We’ve only scratched the surface on all the ways you can use LinkedIn to convert leads into customers. We also understand that the time you have to devote to marketing yourself on LinkedIn is limited. One of the best strategies you can takeaway is to be systematic with your LinkedIn efforts and then enjoy the rewards as they come in.

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