5 Effective Methods To Market Your Business With Facebook

With around 2.89 billion monthly active users, Facebook is by far the biggest social media network on the web. Many people casually browse Facebook to see what their friends are up to and keep in touch with family. However, when used correctly, Facebook can also be an exceptionally powerful tool to market your business.

Many successful businesses use Facebook to promote their brand and gain new customers. Not only can it help you expand your reach and bring your business to the attention of many new people, but you can also build a loyal following via Facebook and use it to improve your customer retention. However, you need to use the right strategies.

Create a detailed facebook business page

While you might already have a basic Facebook account, you need to create a business page to promote your company. All kinds of businesses from small startups to major corporations have pages on Facebook to help boost their brand and give their customers a way to follow them, so make sure your business has one too.

What’s more, you should make your Facebook business page as detailed as possible. Instead of just writing your business name and creating a page, make sure you include a detailed description, contact details, and a link to your business website. This can help new customers find you and even lead them to your sales pages.

Adding photos can also have a huge impact. For instance, when consumers are looking for a good cafe in their area, they’ll often check out the photos on their Facebook page to see the kind of food, drinks, and atmosphere they offer. This applies to all kinds of businesses, so add some high-quality photos of your premises and products to appeal to potential new customers.

Promote your web content on Facebook

One of the most effective ways to market your business is to create content using targeted keywords to build your search engine optimization (SEO). Creating blogs targeted at specific keywords, search terms, and questions that your target customers are likely to search can quickly help you attract people from Google searches and turn them into customers.

However, you can also take your content further by posting it on Facebook. Facebook is an excellent place to promote your blogs and potentially gain many new viewers. Remember to link your blogs here and use relevant hashtags to draw people in. If people like your content, they might even share it with their friends.

Posting your content on Facebook can help you reach people who might have never found your business on Google. Plus, as more people visit your business via Facebook links and check out your content, it’ll also help with your search engine optimization. Overall, this will result in you getting more hits from multiple sources and likely generating more sales.

Host a competition to gain new customers

It can be hard to go viral on Facebook. Even if you post fun and entertaining content, there’s no guarantee that people will find it interesting enough to share it with their followers. However, one surefire way to generate a buzz around your business and attract tons of potential customers is to host a social media competition.

First, entice people with a prize such as a free bundle of your products or a $500 voucher for them to spend with your business. This will get people interested and make them want to enter. Next, tell them they can enter by sharing your competition post with their followers. This will result in your business being circulated to hundreds or even thousands of people.

Even though you reward one winner with free goods, your competition will bring your business to the attention of tons of new people, many of whom will check your website out and might even buy from you. What’s more, if the competition winner enjoys their prize, they’re likely to become a loyal customer. You can also use apps like Heyo and ShortStack to make hosting Facebook contests easier.

Post regularly and engage in discussions

If you want to build a following, you’ll need to post content on your Facebook page regularly. This could be pictures of new products, links to your blogs, or even special sales promotions for your followers. Whichever way you choose to post, being active on Facebook will make your business stand out to consumers and help you boost your sales.

You should also do whatever you can to engage with people on Facebook. Using hashtags to get involved with relevant discussions can help new people find your business. You should also reply to anyone who comments on any of your posts. You might even want to consider commenting on other popular Facebook posts related to your business.

It can also help to get involved in groups. There are tons of these out there for every kind of interest and niche. If you find groups that relate to your business, you can use them to get involved in discussions and expand your reach to new customers and clients.

Offer customer support via Facebook

While Facebook is an excellent platform for promoting your content and hosting contests, it’s also a great place to help your customers. Customers demand instant help, and if you don’t respond to a question or complaint fast enough, you could lose them for good.

Luckily, Facebook’s interface makes it easy to interact with your customers. You can offer quick and helpful solutions to any customer queries using your business page. Not only will this impress your customers, but other people will see that your business takes care of consumers and might even become customers themselves.

To make things even more efficient, you can also offer rapid customer support via Facebook Messenger. Letting customers know they can contact you here allows them to ask questions or make complaints privately and also allows you to help them instantly. This can be a great way to boost customer loyalty and retention.

In conclusion

If you want to take your business further, make sure that you’re using Facebook to its full potential. You can use Facebook to promote your web content, host viral contests, get involved in discussions, and even impress consumers with rapid customer support. All of these things will lead to more customers gained, higher customer retention rates, and more profits for your business.

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