10 Free Social Media Tools To Help Your Business Succeed

Social media is important for all kinds of businesses. Social media marketing is one of the most effective ways to generate buzz for your business and build your brand awareness. In addition, social media can also be used to provide customer service, interact with clients, and generate a loyal following. As such, you might want to use some social media tools.

You can now find a plethora of free apps and tools that can help with your social media management. Whether you want to schedule your marketing campaigns across multiple platforms or find an easier way to respond to your social media messages swiftly, these tools can make your business run much more smoothly. Here are 10 of the best free social media tools to help your business succeed.

1. TweetDeck

TweetDeck is a completely free tool that allows you to effortlessly schedule posts across multiple Twitter accounts. If you’re trying to promote a business or brand via Twitter, this tool is one of the best out there.

You can use TweetDeck online or even download the free app and schedule posts from your phone. The interface is very easy to use and you’ll have no problem managing all your Twitter marketing matters with this handy tool.

2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one of the most popular social media scheduling tools out there. Hootsuite can effortlessly link to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and various other social media accounts and allow you to quickly and efficiently schedule posts.

It’s an excellent tool for any entrepreneurs or marketers who want to make their social media marketing easier. Not only can you schedule posts, but it also makes it easy to collaborate with your team and even provides helpful analytics. However, the free version only allows you to schedule posts on 3 social media profiles, so you might want to upgrade.

3. Later

Later is another top social media management tool that’s worth checking out. As far as social media scheduling apps go, it has one of the best user interfaces. Its calendar feature makes it especially easy to figure out what you have planned for all your social accounts.

What’s more, it has a very generous free offering. You can instantly connect your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, and Linkedin and schedule up to 30 posts at a time for each profile.

4. Canva

When it comes to social media marketing, visual content is particularly important. Canva can help you create clean, professional, and eye-catching visuals for all your social media platforms in just a few clicks.

Canva offers free templates for Instagram posts, YouTube thumbnails, Facebook covers, and various types of stories, ads, and banners. You can even create fancy video messages with its easy-to-use features. The free version gives you more than enough to handle your social media marketing needs, including the ability to collaborate with your team.

5. Followerwonk

While some tools help with social media scheduling and management, Follerwonk focuses on rich analytical data. You can use this free tool to search Twitter bios, find popular influencers in your field, and get detailed analytics on your followers.

Whether you want to find an influencer to promote your business, analyze your following to adapt your marketing efforts, or find new people to follow, this is an excellent tool to use.

6. SparkToro

SparkToro is an excellent tool for boosting your marketing efforts. A quick search can reveal tons of data about what your followers talk about, what hashtags they use, and all kinds of other in-depth data.

You can use the information you collect from SparkToro to adapt your marketing campaigns to your desired audience and make them much more effective. The only downside is that the free version is very limited, but it can still give you a lot of useful information.

7. Crowdfire

Social media managers often struggle to find relevant, engaging content to share with their followers regularly. Luckily, Crowdfire makes this whole process quick and painless. It finds the best content based on the search terms you provide and allows you to instantly share the content to your social platforms.

Not only can you use Crowdfire to keep your social media pages active, but you can also use it to research what kind of content your business should be putting out. It also makes it easy to cross-promote content from your website and various social media platforms.

8. SocialOomph

SocialOomph is one of the most complete social media management tools out there. Not only can it help you manage various social media platforms, but it can even help with scheduling blogs, Reddit posts, and even Discord messages.

The free version is limited as it only lets you manage one social profile. However, you might want to try it out and upgrade if it works well for you. You can also try a 30-day free trial of their premier version.

9. Woobox

One of the best ways to boost your social media following and attract new customers to your business is to post discount coupons and competitions. Woobox is a free tool that makes it exceptionally easy to create exciting social media campaigns, such as hosting Facebook competitions.

You can create unlimited campaigns with Woobox’s free version and it even includes features such as Facebook implementation and a Winner Picker tool. An affordable upgrade will also let you host giveaways, surveys, quizzes, and much more across various social media platforms.

10. Zoho Desk

Offering rapid customer support is essential if you want to keep your customers and boost your sales. As such, you might want to use a tool like Zoho Desk. Zoho Desk makes it easy to handle all customer queries quickly and efficiently.

The free version of Zoho Desk offers plenty of resources, including automated messages and 24/5 email support. With that said, you might want to try the 14-day free trial of one of its paid versions which allows you to quickly handle customer requests across various social media platforms.


Whether you want to improve your social media scheduling, make your social media marketing campaigns look better, or even offer quicker customer service via your social media channels, these tools can help you. From Facebook to Instagram and even newer platforms like TikTok, these resources can help you manage a wide range of channels and improve your marketing efforts.

All of these tools offer free versions that give you plenty of features to help your business succeed. You might want to try a few of them out and, if one works particularly well for you, you can consider upgrading to a paid version. However, you can still use these tools to significantly enhance your customer acquisition, retention, and sales without spending anything.

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