9 Ways to Promote Your Blog on Social Media

Setting up a business blog on your website and regularly publishing high-quality content can reap all kinds of awards, especially if your content is properly optimized for search engine optimization (SEO). However, whatever your goal (or goals) might be, your blog has a greater chance of achieving success if you leverage social media to promote your blog posts. With that in mind, the following are a few tips on how to promote your blog content on social media:

Share your blog posts as soon as they go live

This goes without saying, but make sure you publish a new post and share it on social media as soon as you can. You’ll want to make sure that your blog content gets as much exposure as possible right off the bat, especially if it’s a post that will become outdated after a certain amount of time passes.

Make your blog easy to share

Sharing content can sometimes be a hassle for readers. Most would rather not share a link if they have to go through the trouble of logging into their social media account to post it. Fortunately, you can make it easier for your readers to share your blog content by adding social sharing icons to each blog post. Clicking on these share icons allows readers to share your post on their social media pages without leaving your blog.

Promote your blog on multiple social media channels

While you can certainly promote your business blog on just one social channel, the best way to increase promotion is to reach out to people on multiple platforms. To extend your blog’s reach as much as possible, promote it on a variety of social channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, to name a few.

Know which social channels your audience uses

While it’s good to promote your blog on multiple social media networks, you’ll want to make sure your audience is present on the platform you choose. For example, if your business targets the 60+ crowd, then promoting content on TikTok probably doesn’t make much sense since that’s a platform used by mostly younger people.

Participate in social media discussion

A great way to promote a blog post is to participate in a social media chat related to your topic or industry. Doing so will allow you to share your knowledge and expertise with others. Consider joining various forums and groups on different social platforms. Engage in discussions and promote links to your blog posts whenever relevant and appropriate to the discussion.

Respond to social media comments

If someone leaves a comment on a post that you’ve published on one of your social media pages, make sure you respond promptly. Doing so will show readers how much you care about what they have to say and can help you continue conversations about your blog post, thereby drawing attention to it.

Ask your readers to share

There’s nothing wrong with ending a blog post asking your readers to share your content if they liked it. It’s an easy way to get others to promote your content on your behalf.

Develop relationships with influencers

Social media influencers are people or companies with large followings that are considered thought leaders. Find influencers within your industry on various social media platforms and build a relationship with them. By doing so, they may help promote your content to their audience.

Promote other bloggers

Post links to high-quality content relevant to your audience on your social pages. Doing so promotes other bloggers but achieves two important outcomes. First of all, you show your audience that you care more about informing and helping them than you do closing a short-term sale. Secondly, you’re doing other bloggers a favor — which means that they may return the favor by promoting your blog posts on their social channels.

Unfortunately, a good blog doesn’t translate to automatic success. You need to promote your content to attract new readers. Arguably the best way to do this is through social media. Use these tips to help promote your blog content using social media to help generate more awareness of your blog and bring in new visitors.

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