What You Need to Know About Website Maintenance

You spent time and money building a website to work as a 24/7 marketing machine for your business. But are you keeping your investment protected?

As with any software, a website requires regular maintenance to keep the site protected and working properly. Avoiding maintenance is equivalent to not changing the oil in your car. Your car certainly would not last if you did not look after its regular maintenance. Same holds true for your website.

You want to ensure your website is always ready to represent your business to your current and potential customers.

Your Website is Not “Set it and Forget”

When visitors to your website find things have gone wrong, they often do not stick around. This could be costing you valuable potential sales or customers.

Many business owners also do not check in on their websites, ensuring its functionality on a regular basis.

If you do not have a maintenance plan in place carried out at a minimum monthly, you could experience issues with downtime, broken pages, or plugins, or even worse, malware.

Some Benefits of Regular Website Maintenance

By investing in a website maintenance plan (or website care plans as they are often called), you are adding value by preserving your online brand and presence. A properly maintained site can optimize performance, reduce downtime, and maintain the overall function.

  • Skilled professionals care for your website
  • Improved website performance and security
  • Regular backups stored on cloud-based servers
  • Saves you time, so you can focus on running your business
  • Saves you money in the long run

Keeping on top of your website health requires taking a proactive rather than a reactive approach.

We’re Geeks! Check Out Our Website Maintenance Process

At Defined Digital, we have a proven maintenance process that keeps our client’s sites at peak performance.

  • We create complete website backups before any maintenance work is performed
  • We update plugins and frameworks as needed on a regular schedule
  • We always perform an additional review of your site after we finish updates.
  • Software we use, keeps logs and records of all plugin updates in the event we encounter issues, we can identify the issue and revert to a previous version.
  • We include security tools to take regular scans of your website as well as prevent unwanted attacks
  • You receive monthly reports of the maintenance work that was performed on your website

Hold up! There are Dangers in DIY Website Maintenance

Trying to maintain your website yourself may end up costing you more than you think.

Updating plugins and frameworks from your WordPress Dashboard does not allow you to keep records and logs of what work has been completed on your website. Updates to plugins can create issues and it would be difficult to identify what has been changed and what was the offending plugin. You may not have the tools to take precautionary backups, which could make it impossible to revert your website back to a working version (you could possibly lose a lot of content updates, contact entries, orders, and more).

Save Money! It will Cost More to Fix Than Maintain Your Website

Neglect or inexperience can impair the functionality and the look of your website for your visitors. If this happens, you will have a critical choice to make:

  1. Try and fix it on your own, which can lead to further damage
  2. You can pay (a sometimes-hefty fee) to have an experienced web professional to fix it

Just as in our car analogy, it costs more to fix it after it breaks than it does to maintain it and keep it running properly. Regular oil changes keep your car running properly and regular website maintenance keeps your website running properly.

Don’t Delay! Call in the Professionals

Keep your investment protected. Enroll in a website maintenance or care plan and have the security and peace of mind knowing that a team of website professionals are looking after your site properly.

Taking a proactive approach can save you extensive website rebuild expenses as well as preventing potential lost sales and visitors.

If you are ready to invest in securing a website care plan for your website, view our plans and see how we can keep your website in proper working order.

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