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Your website is no longer “set it and forget it”, it is important to keep your website up-to-date and secure. There is no better way to achieve this than with a website maintenance & care plan. You get support from experienced WordPress professionals, giving you the peace of mind that your website is in good hands and the ability to add on more support and assistance with your website as needs arise.

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Software updates

Regular updates of all WordPress core elements and plugins. Visual regression testing to ensure your site was not impacted by any of the updates.

Off-site backups

Don’t get caught without a backup when the unthinkable happens. We create regular backups stored securely off-site so your website can be back up and running in no time.

Support team

Access to our team of WordPress professionals for ad-hoc support requests; add an image, update blog or content and more, we’ll have you covered.

Security monitoring

WordPress security is fundamental. Your site needs security monitoring to protect it against malicious malware and hack attempts.​

Visual checks

Plugin and core updates can pose potential issues. Our visual check process alerts us of discrepancies.


Monthly care reports sent directly to your inbox, showing your care plan activity, it’s our open book policy on showing you the value of our services.

Website care plan core features

Website care & support plans that protect your most valuable marketing asset

Wordpress care plan certified
Care Plans
Hosting Plans

WP Essentials

$60 mo.

WP Premium

$125 mo.

WP Professional

$255 mo.

Subject to a one-time $147 onboarding fee.

*Unused support tasks do not roll over.

Looking for custom or retainer plans? We are happy to discuss your needs and build a plan that works for you.

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Need a website care retainer or custom website care plan?
We do that too.

Frequently asked questions

Website care & support plan FAQs

Does my website need a care or support plan?

Website hacks have been on the rise. This isn’t an issue reserved for large or high-volume websites anymore – hackers target everyone. Keeping your website secure, frameworks, plugins and versioning up to date will play a big role in the up-time and functionality of your website for your customers.

Website maintenance or website care is an important part of ensuring your website functions properly for your audience as well as preventing vulnerabilities of outdated software.

Before any work is performed on your site, we always make a complete backup which we can use as a restore point. In addition to regular backups, our software keeps a record of plugin updates so if there is ever an issue, we can identify the troubled plugin and revert to a previous functioning version.

Our website support team devotes time to ensuring your website is updated safely on a regular schedule.

How often should I update my website?

Ideally, your website would be updated on a frequent basis with new content, blogs post and imagery. Websites that go long periods without updates and/or new content tend to not perform well. They can lack current and useful digital marketing objectives and produce little to no leads.

I just need a few updates on my site, can you help?

We only work on websites that are on a current care and hosting plan with us.

This allows us to ensure that regular backups are in place and that all software has been kept up to date before our support team makes changes, minimizing the risk of down-time for your website and prevents additional costs for restoration.

My website is loading slowly. Why?

There can be several reasons for slow loading websites. The most common cause is overloaded hosting servers. Ensuring you are on a top tier quality hosting provider is the first step.

Another common cause of slow loading are images that have not been properly optimized and external embedded media and ads.

Think twice before embedding other’s media into your site. Adding media from external sources can only run as fast as the host site they are on.

My website is down! What should I do?

If your website is not loading, first check to make sure it’s the same experience for everyone. Use the FREE tool at Down for Everyone or Just Me.

If the website is only down for you, try clearing your browser history (cookies and cache) and reload the page, also check your internet connection. If the website is down for everyone, shoot us a support ticket email at (chances are, our website up-time monitor has already alerted us and we’re working on it).

What is included in website care plan support requests?

If your plan includes support hours, you can request small tasks that take 30-minutes or less to complete. A few examples are:

  • Updating photos
  • Changing or modifying text
  • Adding blog posts that you’ve written
  • Quick phone consultations (15-minute)

Tasks that fall outside of our standard requests, we will provide an estimate to complete the work.

What is NOT included in website care plan support requests?

We cannot perform tasks that are time intensive as part of your support requests. Some of these might include:

  • Writing for your pages or blog
  • Editing or creating video content
  • Graphic design work such as custom icons, photo editing, etc.

We are always happy to offer a quote for these services if needed.

What if I need more support requests or website changes?

We will evaluate all requests that will exceed your plan. In most cases you’ll receive an estimate for approval. We bill all overage requests at our standard request rate.

What happens if my website breaks or is hacked?

The purpose of having a website care plan is preventative care. We hope to prevent these types of things from happening. However, sometimes the web can be unpredictable and “@#!&” happens.

We will restore your website from one of our backups. If you’re not hosted with us, we’ll work with your hosting company on your behalf.

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