Ultimate Conversion Rate Playbook

If you are a small business owner, entrepreneur, or marketer, then conversion rates are crucial to your success. If you don’t have the right tools and techniques, you could miss out on major opportunities to grow your business. Don’t let your competition eat up all the market share and steal your customers. Use these proven and powerful marketing strategies to enjoy more sales and profit online.

Capture attention

The first step in any campaign to increase your conversions is getting more attention. Without proper attention, you can’t reach the size of audience you need to get the max amount of conversions necessary to make a healthy profit.

You can capture attention a number of ways. Firstly, use headlines that mention a compelling benefit right off the bat. It should be something so valuable that it virtually stops your prospects in their tracks. Make your headlines stand out with bold type and spacing as well. Doing this can add to conversions because it gets prospects into your funnel in the first place and opens the door to everything else you need to do.

Peak Interest

Even though your first job is to get attention, it doesn’t mean it’s sufficient. If you manage to get a lead to start reading your sales page, you have to maintain their interest. It’s too easy today to click away to another site or open up another app.

So if interest is so important, how do you go about earning and keeping it? The answer is to spend less time talking about you and your company and more time about the customer. Talk about their problems and fears. This helps them understand that you truly care and know what issues they have.

Interest is crucial. During any point of your sales process online, prospects could drop off. The last thing you want is for them to drop off early before you really get a chance to do the next step: build desire.

Develop desire

Desire is necessary for every conversion you get online. Interest may prime the customer to take action, but desire is like a fire burning deep inside of them that compels them to change their situation. The key to desire is to stay away from logic.

Use emotion when building desire. Paint word pictures of pain, pleasure, happiness, and sadness. Be bold when evoking desire. Make sure your readers understand the bad consequences of continuing life without your solution. If someone has back pain, point out what a life of more pain would feel like. If you sell something positive, like entertainment, play up the glitz and glamor of the show.

Foster action

The final step of your conversions is getting people to take action. After all, it’s not worth patting yourself on the back if you simply had a lot of people visiting your site, attending your webinar, or filling out your survey.

To truly be an effective online marketer, you have to ask for the action you want. Don’t be shy. And don’t assume the user knows what you want them to do. Sometimes, people need that extra push and a very direct command to follow through on their desire that you built in the previous step.

There is no need to get fancy during this step. Use the “buy now” or “click here” calls to action. Then watch as your sales start to roll in.

Bonus tips

The pillars of conversions above will get you what you need to start making more money online. However, there are other things you can do to improve your chances of getting conversions:


Break up your copy with bullet points. It brings attention to the major benefits of your product and makes your sales page easier to read.

Social Proof: Testimonials and Reviews

Social proof is one of the most powerful factors in human decision making. Since the early days, people have been tribal. They look to others for signs of what is normal or safe behavior. For that reason, you can leverage social proof to your advantage online.

The best form of social proof is positive reviews or testimonials from satisfied customers. Videos are a great way to add spice to this element of your marketing. However, quotes in print will work as well. Make sure you have two to three testimonials throughout the page. If you don’t have any customers yet to get reviews or testimonials from, then pull research from similar products and use government or highly respected entities and see if you can quote their research on the effectiveness of your type of product or service.


A money-back guarantee can help boost the sales you make. It gives people confidence in making their decision. They feel that if you don’t fulfill your promises to improve their situation, at least they can get their money back. Reduce risk at every turn, and your conversions will improve.


Just because you say something once doesn’t mean people will remember it. If you want your audience to really absorb your marketing material, repeat key points throughout your sales copy. This includes at the end as well. A summary can be a powerful way to drive key points home.


People are visual creatures. Today’s marketing landscape with the internet means that images and videos are winning business. Use photos or illustrations whenever you can.

Follow Up

Not every sale is made on the first visit to your website. Follow up a few times before giving up on a customer. Aim for three to five emails or phone calls and after that write them off as “not interested.”


Referrals can be easier to sell than cold customers. The reason is simple: you are using social proof to build trust before this new customer ever meets you. People always ask and trust their friends for recommendations.

When it comes to conversions online, only the best will survive. There is a lot of competition for your customers. You need to ensure that you have the best strategy in place to get more conversions and avoid wasting time and money. Use the tips above today in your business. Then, sit back and relax as your sales soar now and into the future.

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