4 Steps to the Creating the Ultimate Evergreen Sales Funnel

You worked hard to build your business. Why spend extra time drumming up individual customers when you can create organic sales spontaneously? Like every other business owner, you need a marketing system that works even when you take a day off or want to focus on updating and perfecting your product. An evergreen sales funnel nurtures initial interest and makes your customers long-term fans of your product.

What Is an Evergreen Sales Funnel?

An evergreen sales funnel, as the name suggests, grabs the attention of your leads and focuses them on your product gradually. It works gently to guide them through the process from initial interest to making the purchase in a friendly way. It often offers something for free, like an eBook or a webinar, and follows up with informative and engaging emails that build a relationship with the subscriber. Along the way, there are tripwire offers on low-cost items leading up to the main offer for your core product.

If your lead doesn’t buy immediately, that’s okay. They will continue to read the emails or at least see them in their inbox and may eventually decide to purchase your product. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel with constant marketing campaigns to acquire new leads all over again. An evergreen funnel will nurture them until they make a purchase and for some time after. This strategy contains several steps. All must be well-planned and executed to successfully market your product. These include a landing page, tripwire, follow-up emails, main offer, and up-sells.

The Landing Page

The way your leads will become acquainted with you and your product is through your landing page. This should be your place to impress and make your product seem indispensable to your target clients. Use visuals, information, compelling texts, and just the right touches to attract your ideal audience. You will want to do a significant amount of research and take plenty of time to develop a truly unforgettable landing page.

Ask for feedback from friends with marketing savvy or co-workers. You should ask yourself what would make your product not only attractive but necessary to someone else and include those elements on your landing page. The landing page should have a clear call to action to get your visitors to contact you. It may be helpful to add an incentive for getting in contact. Offer a free eBook or provide a short video giving away one free tip as part of your general program.

The Tripwire

A tripwire is an offer that will seem amazing to your leads. It may be a deep discount on an item that has value, but will not cost you too much to deliver. This tripwire product may be an old webinar that you don’t feel like updating or an eBook that contains useful advice but is not selling quickly. Despite your feelings about the product, it should be impressive to the lead and represent real value.

Offer this tripwire at a deep discount for a limited amount of time. Calculate the rate at which you can afford to sell it. If you are worried about being inundated with orders you may not be able to keep up with, offer a set number of items and reward them to the first few people who sign up. You can increase sales of your core product tenfold by having a tripwire that gets results.

Make the deadline on your tripwire a firm one. If your leads get the idea that the deadline is going to be extended anyway or that there will be an identical offer six weeks later, there will be no urgency to act. Keep in mind that the people you are addressing are going to be subscribers or might already be. They will notice if you enforce your deadlines or not.

Once you have set a deadline on the tripwire offer, follow it up with nurture emails. The tone of these emails should be increasingly urgent, yet enthusiastic and inviting. Add some testimonials and show some benefits of your product. Make a checklist of the advantages your item provides. Don’t forget to add a P.S. at the end with a useful statistic, point, or an additional offer. Many people will go straight to the P.S. in marketing emails even before they read the body of the text.

The Core Offer

Once a customer has purchased the tripwire, they are ready for emails pitching the core offer. After using, viewing, or reading the tripwire, they should understand why they absolutely need your core product. That is why the tripwire item should be directly related to the core item. Use anecdotes, studies, and lists to demonstrate why your core product is a necessary part of their lives. It is important not merely to sell, but to build a relationship. The P.S. in these emails will tell the lead to contact you if they have any further questions.

When you sell your core offer, do so at a discount. Make sure this discount is one that you can afford to make, but it should be compelling enough to get the person reading the email to buy. The offer should expire in a few hours or days, and the evergreen funnel will send reminder emails leading up to the deadline. The final pitch after the reminders should recap all of the information that has gone before and remind the reader that time is running out.

The Up-sell

Once your customer has purchased the tripwire and the core offer, you can then sell your most valuable items to them. These customers are ready for your premium items that will give you the most return on your efforts and investment. It may be relatively easy to sell to these customers who are happy with your products and will be comfortable purchasing more. It is from these customers that you ask for referrals or testimonials, because by now, they are fans of your product.


An Evergreen funnel is essential for your business. It is like an automated secretary that takes care of the correspondence side of your marketing so you can focus on making your terrific product even better. Although once it is up and running, it manages itself, it is important to invest time and creativity to produce a truly compelling landing page and follow-up emails that will convert your leads into loyal customers.

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