Making Your Landing Page Count

There’s no disputing just how critical landing pages are to websites. It’s time to take your landing page to the next level.

Landing pages can be the pages users land on when clicking on a link to your site from the search engines. Or they can be special pages you send users to from advertising, marketing, email and more. Some often refer to landing pages as being “destination pages, “static pages” and, last but definitely not least, “lead capture pages.” In short, these pages accompany advertising and marketing efforts of all kinds. They strive to turn site visitors into leads. Landing pages are lead generation devices that “lure” people in through things like eBook downloads, complimentary product trials and even classes.

Digital marketers put a lot of stock into rock-solid landing pages. Why in the world is that? It’s because strong landing pages can achieve great results for businesses and for their associated sites.

Solid landing pages can boost conversions.

  • Spreading the word about your company and the products and services it offers
  • Give you valuable customer insight that can help you analyze your business and its future accomplishments

If you want to master the art of digital marketing and conversion optimization, then you should be creating landing pages.

Make Your Landing Page Count

There are a few ‘must have’ elements to make your landing pages work well.

  • Start with a page that’s easy to get around
  • Make sure it doesn’t have long text blocks that are tough to read
  • Use headlines that are intriguing and tough to resist
  • Use engaging subheadings
  • Incorporate lists and bullets
  • Ensure your content is engaging, memorable and packs a powerful punch
  • Express all the positives about your offer
  • Prioritize your content – most relevant content displayed towards top
  • Don’t link off to other pages, keep your visitors engaged on your landing page
  • Make sure the engagement action is articulate and the visitor can understand the offer

Always asses your landing page and it’s flow.

Don’t Forget Your Mobile Views

The mobile crowd is a major force in this day and age. People devote a lot of time to their mobile devices. People rely heavily on their phones for everything from the management of social media to surfing the web. The truth is, the majority of people these days go online through their mobile devices, so you need to ensure your landing page is optimized for mobile. If your landing pages doesn’t work well on mobile devices, it will discourage users from taking action on your offer.

Steer clear of using elements that will negatively impact the load speed of your landing page such as video clips as backgrounds and sliders. Keep your landing pages fast loading by utilizing simple clean designs that load quickly.

Keep Your Target Audience in Mind

You don’t want to lose focus of who this page is for. You don’t want your landing page to seem out of touch. Understand your audience preferences, hobbies, careers, educational background and more. Design a page that has the vibe for your audience.

We are a trusted digital marketing group with a proven track record in building modern lead generating landing pages. We have writers that can write snappy headlines and engaging calls to action. Designers with magic wands that build beautifully bold pages, and strategists that can help you reach your target audience. Contact us to build your new landing pages today.

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