Boosting Your SEO through Google Reviews

One of the greatest ways to boost your SEO, is to get more Google reviews. The star ratings are incredibly important as well, as many people tend to look at the ratings before even bothering with reading the reviews. If the stars are satisfactory, then they don’t see a point to continuing on into the comments. But the issues come up when your star rating doesn’t have the reviews to back them up. A five star rating from five to ten people isn’t as highly recommended as a five star rating from one hundred to three hundred (or more) people.

So how do you generate more Google reviews? Here are five tips to help you out:

Ask for a review

It’s a simple matter of asking your customers if they’d be willing to give a review. You can do so when you’re billing them, or when you’re finished with the job, or even later sending an email if they’ve provided one to you. The point of the matter is that you need to ask for your reviews, with every customer that you can. However, it’s important not to bribe the customers into reviewing, as that often turns them off and makes them feel like you’re buying good reviews. Simply ask, and many will agree.

Make it simple

If the majority of your clients and customers come through your website, set up a link to Google reviews on the site itself. It can come at the end of the billing pages, or even be sent in a follow-up email. Don’t make the customer have to work to find a place to review, as then they won’t bother to do so. So, make it simple; a click of a button and they’re there.

Be prompt

Most people are more willing to give a review soon after the job is completed. If you wait too long to ask them for a review, then those happy feelings that came with a job well completed, or a purchase happily made, won’t be as prominent. The longer you wait, the more likely you are going to fail at getting that review.


Even if you ask for a review, and the customer agrees, sometimes they can forget once they get home. Go ahead and send a reminder email (provided they gave you their email address) three or so days after the purchase or job has been completed. Be polite, be courteous, and remind them that they can always give their review on Google.

Share the reviews

Don’t hide what people have to say. Post the reviews on your website or have a link directly to where they can be located on Google. Have video recordings of reviews, with customers that are willing to be filmed, and post those as well. The more people who review, the more are likely to do the same. People don’t like being singled out, and being one of few to leave a review may make them not want to join in. So, post your reviews and let others know that it’s a good thing to share their opinions about your work.

Bonus tip: Experience

The better the experience that the customer has, the happier they will be and the better the review they will leave. Try to make every experience a good one, as reviews are only as good as the person is happy. Plus, the happier a person is, the more willing they will be to say yes when you ask if they’ll leave a review.

Good reviews mean more business, and more business means more profit and growth, and that is main goal of any business. So, if you’re looking for more ways to up your SEO, go ahead and follow these simple tips.

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