Your Story Matters: Let Professional Writers Tell It

Nobody can tell your story better than you can. Actually, that’s only partially true. Professional writers with an understanding of website function can tell your story better than you can, at least when it comes to attracting attention in the vast World Wide Web.

Professional writers partner with your website design team to ensure that your story is told in the best way to attract the most attention to your company and, most importantly, to generate sales.

Before they tell your story, they have to fully understand your story. That’s where their research and interview skills add to the picture.

The importance of story

Once-upon-a-time, companies built relationships with their customers face-to-face. Customers came into your store. They met you out on the streets. You chatted over coffee at the local diner. You saw each other in church or at local sporting events.

In the digital age, those personal interactions are gone, but customers still want to feel like they are entering into a relationship with the companies they buy from. Now, that relationship must be built through the words and images on the screen.

Customers want to know your story. Customers want to relate to your story. Professional writing services allow you to tell your story in a fashion that will appeal to customers. Even more importantly, they will help your potential customers find you via your story.

Creating compelling content

Your website will need all of the standard pages, but that doesn’t mean the copy has to be standard. These are the places you share your story, draw the readers into a relationship and convert the readers into customers. The following types of pages are where your professionally told story will begin to build that relationship:

  • Homepage: Your first opportunity to tell your story must be dynamic and lift you above the competition. You might have only seconds to grab your customer’s attention, so your words and images need to be perfect.
  • About: Your story must leap from the About page as it’s your key to create a relationship with your customer. You share the story of your beginning, your founders’ desires, your journey to where you stand today and your mission in the world.
  • Services: Each service page must shine a spotlight on how you provide a unique service, why your service is the best choice for your potential customer, what exactly customers can expect from your team and when they can begin to be delighted by your services.
  • FAQs: You didn’t build your business to be boilerplate, so why should your FAQs follow some industry boilerplate? Developing a unique FAQ page lets you create personality for your business and blow away the competition. Your potential customers are looking for relief for their greatest pain point, and you must grab this opportunity to succinctly share your remedy.

Blogging keeps your website dynamic

Once you’ve created all of these great pages for your website, you don’t want it to stand static and stagnant with the search engines. Blogging will create a dynamic aspect to your website to keep it fresh and valuable for new customers and existing customers.

Professional writers don’t want to give you a fresh new website and walk away. They want to continue to build that relationship with you and between you and your customers. Most services will offer a weekly or monthly plan to keep fresh content flowing to your website. Your blogs will be search engine optimized (SEO) with appropriate meta-tagged photos and video to attain the highest-ranking search engine results pages (SERP).

Professional writers also use SEO tools and expertise to analyze your competitors to learn where they are gaining traffic and create a blogging strategy to surpass their results, working with your marketing and sales teams to ensure maximum ROI.

Beyond the blog

All of that professional content could not continue to attract customers without integrating with your other marketing campaigns. Professional writers will work with your marketing and sales teams to craft email marketing and pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns that reflect your story and your commitment to customers. Writers also will offer advice on social media campaigns and landing pages that are SEO optimized and designed to delight customers and grow your relationships.

Put writing professionals to work for you

Words matter. Stories matter. Stories told by professional writers create the relationships with customers that matter most — relationships that sell.

Professional writing services provide you the combination of skills that will bring new life to your website. Writers craft compelling copy with their words to tell your story. And they create copy that is optimized to drive you to the top of the search engine results. You’ll attract more visitors to your website, convert more of those visitors into customers and build those customers into ambassadors as you delight them with your services and products.

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