Digital Marketing Strategies for 2021

While the pandemic made many aspects of life more difficult and even impossible in 2020, many businesses gained a new found appreciation for digital marketing in an era where people spent more time online and relied more on ecommerce than ever before. While life is likely to make a gradual return to what they knew as normality before the pandemic, people have come to depend on digital businesses, making digital marketing a greater necessity that’s only going to be more integral for businesses. The best way to thrive as a business today is to establish a strong online presence through a comprehensive and well-developed digital marketing strategy.

If you want to get the best results from your digital marketing campaigns in 2021 and stay ahead of competitors, here are some tips to help you plan your strategies going forward.

Set clear and achievable goals

Before you can develop a digital marketing strategy of any kind, you need to know what you want to achieve with that strategy. Otherwise, you won’t be able to gauge whether the campaign was a success or a waste of your budget. Your goals should be SMART, an acronym that stands for: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely.

Consider some of the goals that are worth pursuing based on your audience and where they’re at in the buyer’s journey or sales funnel. For example, you may create ads around the goal of increasing brand awareness, in which case creative elements would be geared toward introducing new people to your brand. If your goal is to increase conversions, your efforts will be centered around getting people to perform a specific call to action, be it converting to leads or making a purchase.

Based on the goals you set, you can then determine which metrics and analytics to look at to measure those goals. In the case of brand awareness goals and attracting more visitors to your website, you’d look at website traffic and bounce rates, for instance. If your goal is to convert more people to leads, you would keep an eye on click-through and conversion rates.

Optimize for voice search

With the increased use of smartphones and smart speakers such as the Amazon Echo, it’s becoming increasingly important to optimize for voice search. Keep in mind that voice search functions somewhat differently from traditional search in Google and other search engines. People tend to use different phrases when conducting a voice search than they would when typing a query.

If you want to appeal to both traditional and voice searches, try to optimize for both. In your content, you can try including questions that people might ask their phones or other devices along with answers. Giving brief and relevant answers to many questions in your content can also help you rank for position zero, which includes Google Rich Snippets that highlight you over other search results.

Use video advertising

People like video content more and more as they find it more digestible than blog posts and other text content in many cases. People often find video ads and other content more engaging and encouraging when it comes to getting them to buy a product or service. People also like to see products and services in action before buying, which video can provide, unlike written descriptions and testimonials.

Try to launch video marketing campaigns on social media, YouTube, and your website to increase engagement. From video ads to behind-the-scenes footage of your teams at work, there are many ways to incorporate this medium.

Understand your audiences and optimize for them

Whenever you create any type of content, you should know the audience you’re targeting as well as possible to inform that content. Prior to creating content, perform some audience research and build specific personas around different audience segments. For example, you might want to target audiences with different demographics such as age, gender, marital status, or occupation, along with different interests.

Each segment of your audience will connect with different messaging, features, and other aspects that you can touch on in your marketing materials. Also, consider how people will be interacting with your marketing campaigns. For instance, many of your audiences are likely to use mobile devices, so optimizing your website for mobile responsiveness is a must. In addition, your website shouldn’t take more than a few seconds to load if you want to keep people from leaving.

Cater to each stage of the buyer’s journey

You should have marketing strategies in place to connect with consumers at every touchpoint along the buyer’s journey. Starting with the awareness stage when people are learning about your brand for the first time along with their problems, you should have educational and introductory content.

As people move along the buyer’s journey closer to a sale, you should provide different types of content that keep them moving toward a sale. In the process, your content should begin detailing not only the problems and possible solutions to them but also the reasons why your solutions are the best on the market. If you neglect to reach out to consumers at any point as they approach a buying decision, they may drop off without making a purchase.

You can effectively cater to each stage by mapping the buyer’s journey from start to finish. Think about what they want from your content and the products or services you offer, and determine how you can appeal to those wants and needs with your marketing efforts.

Taking all of these tips into consideration, you can develop a successful digital marketing strategy. As your business crosses into 2021 and prepares for the future, adequate planning and content development will help you excel.

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