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We all know that the web has redefined the landscape of marketing and sales, and if you are going to promote your products and services online, you’ll need a solid strategy. Often, businesses launch content and ad campaigns that show little in the way of returns on investment, but why does this continue to happen? Read on….

Knowing thyself

“If you build it, they will come.” The preceding quote is surely motivational, and very positive, but it is also a load of crap (pardon the frankness). There are very few websites and digital campaigns that succeed by merely existing. You’re going to need killer content if you want to attract visitors to your various efforts on the web, and creating killer content takes a bit of work.

Creating strong calls to action starts with knowing your own offerings better than anyone. If you are going to put in the effort and create digital marketing strategies that you hope convert leads into sales, you first need to know how to sell to your marketing partners.

Take the time to get to know your businesses strengths and weaknesses, and try to understand where you have succeeded or failed in the past. Knowing how you want to improve on the content you are promoting will give you a leg up on your competition, because we all know that growing a business takes humility and dedication. When you understand that your calls to action are only working to promote specific content, you can work backwards and get into the minds of your target audience.

Who are they?

Calls to action are simply a way to entice people like you to take some sort of step in becoming part of your brand’s family. People often want to reach a wide audience with their messaging, and this is fine, but you are better suited to succeed when you can create segments within your target market.

Understanding that different types of people respond to different messaging is a key to success when creating any type of marketing campaign. You will want to consider how different types of people view the same content, and you’ll need to come up with creative ways to tailor your messaging to specific niches of people.

Delivering the same message to different types of people rarely results in success because different people will respond to different messaging. Some like it hot, some like it cold.

Say what?!!?

A strong call to action will reach out to someone, grab their attention, and make it very difficult not to take action. The psychology behind brand messaging is more of an art than a science, and testing different calls to action will be the only way to give you the response data you need to succeed.

Overselling your products and services is rarely a good idea, so try and be a realist when coming up with eye catching phrases and graphics. You want your calls to action to be as honest as possible, while also nudging people in a direction that causes them to take the action you desire.

The reason that “Buy It Now” buttons work so well in the e-commerce space is because they are simple and honest. All strong calls to action tell a consumer exactly what they need to do in order to receive a desired effect. Perhaps, “Add To Cart” buttons work better on your site, but you won’t know until you test. The bottom line is honesty is always the best policy. Strong calls to action do not deceive the audience.

Get started!

Hopefully, you’ve picked up on some of the ways we’ve kept you reading this article, and you’ll incorporate them into your strategy. Honestly, getting started is the best way to learn more about what you’ll need to do on your path to success. We’ll leave you with this last suggestion: Have a great day!

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