8 Elements of A Successful Landing Page

A well-designed landing page can make all the difference to conversions, especially when used in conjunction with a cost per click (CPC) campaign. However, creating landing pages that convert is not as straightforward as it might at first seem.

Of course, there is no one-size-fits-all layout that suits every marketing campaign, but there are some critical elements that every page of this type needs. Here are the main characteristics of a winning landing page:

1. Enticing headline

The headline of the page is what first grabs the attention of a visitor. So, a landing page headline must explain what the offer is and entice the reader to learn more. Generally, keeping the headline short and getting straight to the point is the best approach. The message can be reinforced with subheadings on the page, too.

2. Concise unique sales proposition

You only have a few seconds to hook a visitor, so speed is of the essence on a landing page. For that reason, it is best to keep your copy short and make it easy to read. However, the text on your landing page must still describe the unique sales proposition you are offering visitors, and it must make readers care enough about your offer to want to read more. Generally, it is also best to write a landing page that appeals directly to the visitor. In other words, address the reader directly as the potential recipient of the benefits on offer.

3. Explain the benefits

Following on from the USP, you will need to spell out the benefits to the prospect. This next section of a landing page will bullet-point what the offer will do for the reader, and it will answer the questions they may have. Generally, the benefits should be how the product will solve a problem for a visitor or how it will enrich their lives. Remember, though, benefits are not the same as features.

4. Engaging media

People process images and videos far faster than they do text. So, adding engaging media to a landing page can increase conversions. Indeed, more than 90% of consumers say they find videos helpful when thinking about buying something. People also retain more of the information they see in an image or video than the information they gain from reading text. So, visuals can be useful for expanding on the benefits and features of an offer, showcasing satisfied customers, and increasing trust in the brand.

5. Social proof

You can tell someone why they should take up your offer, and you might put forward a very persuasive argument. However, you cannot expect people unfamiliar with your brand to take your word that your offer is worth taking up. So, the best way to persuade people to trust what you say is to demonstrate that others who trusted you were satisfied, and that is the role that social proof plays on a landing page. So, adding some customer testimonials, awards, certifications, or case studies to a landing page should significantly increase conversions.

6. Reinforcement statements

People usually need to be reminded why taking up an offer is such a great idea. So, it is best to have a reinforcement section about halfway down a landing page. This small section recaps the offer’s benefits, reinforces the headline, and reminds visitors what they will be missing out on if they don’t follow your call to action (CTA).

7. Closing argument

Your final chance to convince people to take the next step is your closing argument towards the end of the landing page. This section, which will usually only be a paragraph or two, should eliminate any final objections and prompt the user to act now. So, your closing argument should include a brief review of the benefits and confirm things like money-back guarantees and any time limitation on the offer. In other words, you are convincing the reader that there is little or nothing to lose and everything to gain by following the CTA.

8. Call to action (CTA)

Finally, a landing page must have a clear and compelling call to action. CTAs should be short, but still, they should reinforce the benefits of taking the desired action. “Buy Now,” for example, is not as effective as “Buy Now While Stocks Last” or “Buy Now and Save 25%”. And, of course, CTAs should be easy to find. So, using contrasting colors, surrounding the CTA with white space, and making it large enough to stand out will help increase conversions.


The above are the critical elements of a landing that will help to increase conversions. But, as mentioned above, no one-page layout will suit all types of offers. So, it is best to create two or more landing pages for each campaign and track the results of each. Then, you can fine-tune your landing pages using the elements that worked best for you.

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