5 Tips For Supercharging Your Blog Traffic

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So, you’ve started a blog. You found your topic, got a unique voice, and you’ve started posting. But when you check your analytics, your traffic just isn’t up to scratch. You’ve tried going in different directions, being more engaging, and picking different keywords, but it just isn’t getting the job done.

How do you get more traffic on your blog? Well, here’s a handful of tips that should help you supercharge your numbers.

#1: Make sure you have an interesting display image

Pictures are worth a thousand words, as the old saying goes, which is why every entry should have at least one picture or video in it. These images can break up the text as people read, but more importantly, they’ll show up whenever your post is shared on social media. You need something eye-catching to stop people from scrolling right past you, and a display image can be just the stopgap you need to hook a potential reader.

#2: Spice up your headlines

It’s been said that it’s better to have a shoddy post with a great headline, than to do it the other way around. According to WordStream, your headlines need to be evocative, and they need to tug at a potential reader’s curiosity in order to get them to click-through and read your post. As such, you should use keywords that are likely to be searched, but you should also structure your headlines so that they tantalize the reader with possibilities. Numbered lists do well (top 10, top 5, etc.), as do instructional posts (“how to” is the key phrase with these posts). Make it clear what you’re offering in the headline, and ask if you were a circus barker, would people see your sign and want to check out your exhibit?

#3: Post regularly

A phrase among authors is that nothing advertises your current book like your next book… well, that’s true for bloggers, as well. It’s also why Goins, Writer makes it clear that you need to post regularly in order to improve your traffic. Part of that is that people are creatures of habit, and they like things to be regular, and expected. The other part of it, though, is that sites that show activity and which are regularly updated are pushed toward the front of the search queue by algorithms. So set your schedule, and make sure you update on that schedule for maximum visibility and engagement.

#4: Use social media to your advantage

Chances are good that if you have a blog, then you also have some social media accounts. Maybe it’s a company Facebook page, a Twitter page, or even a Tumblr profile. Follow Post Planner’s advice, and use them to boost your signal. Don’t go overboard and only post about your blog, but use the platform you have to get visibility for what you’re doing. Post it in group pages that mesh with your topics, and make sure you inform your community. Don’t be the tree that falls in the forest with no one around to see it or hear it.

#5: Insert a call to action

One of the easiest ways to get more traffic is to ask your existing audience to help you boost your signal. Make sure that, whenever you write a blog post, that you include a call to action in it. Whether it’s to share this post on social media, or to go and read through your blog’s archive, you put a lot of effort into getting your audience’s attention and goodwill. Now you have to tell them what to do, otherwise they’ll just click away when they’re done reading.

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