14 Ways To Advertise Your Business

If you’re a business, then you can never have too much advertising. However, if you’re working on a budget, relax… there are ways to get something for nothing when it comes to your marketing. If, that is, you know a few trade secrets.

Secrets like…

#1: Volunteer to be a guest

Whether it’s a local radio show, or a notable podcast in your area, reach out to folks who have an audience and a platform. If they have you on as a guest, you’ll reach a lot of fresh eyes, and boost your signal without spending a dime.

#2: Send out press releases

News outlets always need content, and if you can provide it then you will get their attention. So any time your business does something, send a press release to your local papers. You may not get a response every time, but it’s always worth a try.

#3: Attach your website to your email signature

It might not sound like a big deal, but little changes can get big results. Ask yourself how many emails you send per day, and how many more people would visit your site if you put a little ad/link right in your signature line.

#4: Make videos

In the old days, making videos was an expensive proposition. These days you have all the equipment in the palm of your hand, and it’s free to post them on YouTube, your social media pages, and a dozen other outlets.

#5: Write guest posts

Blogging is a great way to get attention, but if you can write a guest post for someone else’s blog (especially if it’s popular) then that gets a fresh set of eyes on you, and may get some readers interested in who you are, and what you have to offer.

#6: Volunteer to speak at events

Whether it’s a business conference or a trade show, volunteering to give speeches, make presentations, or to be on a panel is a good way to boost your credibility, and reach a new audience. Even better, you may earn some goodwill from the event organizers for your help.

#7: Put out flyers

While flyers may cost a little bit to print, they don’t cost anything to put up other than time and energy. They might feel a bit old hat, but there’s no arguing with something that gets returns.

#8: Update your social media

Perhaps the greatest resource a business has available, being active on social media can reap huge rewards. Share content, ask people to follow you, and maybe give them an incentive like digital coupons. It can build a loyal following in no time.

#9: Start a blog

While it might feel that the Internet is choked with blogs, it costs you nothing to make one of your own. If you create content, and stay regular, then people will find you, follow you, and notice you.

#10: Answer question on Quora

It might feel like a lot of energy for no reward, but authoritative, helpful answers get attention on Quora. And you can leave your website, blog, etc. for people to check out, as well.

#11: Go to Yext.com

As a site that helps you control your business information across the Internet, it can clean up your footprint, and make you easier to find.

#12: Start a newsletter

It takes a bit of effort, but once a newsletter is a regular part of your marketing efforts, it can pay off big.

#13: Send out source letters

A source letter is simply an email to a news organization, letting journalists know you’d be willing to be a source for future articles. Going to Help A Reporter Out (or HARO) is a good way to get a lot of free attention.

#14: Host a contest

Whether it’s for a simple product giveaway, a free month of membership, or something similar, people love a giveaway or a contest. They can get you a lot of attention in a very short time.

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