What’s your 2017 digital marketing strategy?

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2016 taught us a lot about the future of digital marketing and the online marketplace. Website owners and managers know that they need to have a responsive website that is easily accessible from a slew of devices, specifically mobile devices. We’ve learned that a blog is no longer a luxury; on the contrary, in most situations a blog or at least steady content updates to your site are a necessity. Social media continued to be important in solidifying a brand’s footprint online and off. What is in store for us all in 2017?

2017 digital marketing strategy

Hopefully, you’ve begun to implement some of the elements we mentioned above into your existing strategy. It’s important to think about things in segments when planning your strategy for the coming year. The digital landscape is bigger than ever, and competition is increasing. Take a breath, focus.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engines are advancing their efforts to provide users with the most relevant and quality content possible. This means that site owners and managers need to find ways to create engaging content that is extremely relevant to the niche they are promoting. Your website’s content needs to be keyword rich and logically written if you expect to rank well in search results.

Once you create a good strategy for your site content, you’re going to want to setup relevant social media accounts where possible. But that’s just the beginning.

Social media

Social media will continue to dominate the digital landscape in 2017 and you need to know how to approach using these tools. Really, content will always be king, but you can get creative with your offers when marketing via social media. The most important thing you can do here is find ways to engage your followers, so that they naturally help you promote your brand through sharing and other actions. Simply having social accounts is not enough, you need to use them to your advantage.

How ya lookin’?

How your site looks is important. The coming year will present new opportunities and your brand will evolve, so you’ll want to make sure that your digital assets are at least prepared for change. The logos, colors, and navigational elements of your website should be crisp and ready to embrace the New Year. Flashy animations and wasteful graphics are out, useful infographics and elegantly displayed content elements are in.

Responsive & mobile ready

If you haven’t already prepared your site for mobile visitors, you better jump on it. Mobile traffic is quickly becoming a dominant force of change across many niches, so you’ll want to make sure your site renders beautifully across a variety of devices. Responsive website design has been growing in popularity, but it will be a necessity in 2017, as search engines like Google continue to find ways to take the mobile-readiness of your site into consideration when listing you in their index.

Pay per click (PPC)

Everyone is doing it, and you should explore the option, because pay per click marketing is highly dynamic and extremely trackable. You can often explore the waters for minimal costs, so budget is of little concern when getting started. Many PPC programs are setup so that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad (hence the name), and can be activated and deactivated at your command.

It’s YOUR brand

While all of the elements we’ve discussed are certainly things you need to consider, the most important thing to focus on is YOU. You need all of the tactics you use to develop and grow your brand to accurately represent the vision you have. You can employ a million different tactics online and off, but if you’re not helping solidify the foundation of your business, your efforts will never yield the results you desire.

We haven’t even scratched the surface here, as things like email marketing and business listings have obviously been left off of our list. The goal is to get you started. If you feel overwhelmed, stay optimistic instead and create a simple plan for accomplishing your goals one step at a time. Need more help developing and/or incorporating  your digital strategy? Contact us to get started today.

You’ll be where you want to go before you can blink.

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