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We work collectively as a partner, helping to drive success by offering a proven process designed to turn your dream of a shiny new website into a reality.

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We have years of experienced in a variety of markets

Defined Digital has been in the online marketing and web design industry for over ten years. In this time we’ve grown our service offerings to meet the needs and requirements of our growing client base as well as the ever-changing digital world.

Proven success in varied industries

Animal Clinics
Attorneys & Law Firms
Coaches & Instructors
Creative Artists & Musicians
Design Firms

Education Systems
Financial Services
Home Improvement & Remodeling
Natural & Holistic Medicine

Real Estate Brokers & Agents
Software Companies
Yoga & Crossfit Studios
Youth & Child Services
And more…

Our Trusted website design process

01. Goal Discovery

We ask the tough questions uncovering the truth about your new website and what you are trying to achieve.

02. Defining Scope

Once we know your goals, we can identify what pages and features will be required to fulfill those goals.

03. The Sitemap

Armed with all the information, we build out a visual sitemap to ensure we are all on the same page quickly about what we are trying to communicate and the best way to structure that information.

04. Content Creation

Content is still king! Content engages readers and drives them to take actions necessary to fulfill a goal. We are a content first design shop, so it’s vital that you have real finalized content ready for our next stage.

05. Visual Elements

We start working on the visual brand. This part of the design process is often shaped by your existing branding elements, color, logos, typography and available imagery.

06. The Prototype

We build out a prototype that will show you how our solutions will work. This alleviates any uncertainty or miscommunications when you may not understand our jargon. This prototype will not be a design at this stage, but it helps us get close.

07. Designing

This is where the fun really begins. Our artists have the biggest box of crayons at their disposal, and they bring your interactive prototype to life matching your brand identity.

08. Delivery

We build out your entire site and ensure everything is tested and connected before we send your shiny new website out into the world for you to show it off.

Fuel your brand & Drive results

Get a search optimized WordPress website built for your goals. Our team works as marketing & brand consultants, project planners, content creation experts, designers and more.

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