Time for a Rebrand or Redesign?

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Thinking about re-branding your identity?

Many companies do this, look at Google/Alphabet. A rebrand happens for a variety of reasons, but it shouldn’t be taken lightly. A good strategic plan should be put in place, with careful research and intelligence. Working with your partner marketing agency can help this process run smoother, from assisting with data and intelligence gathering to helping define your position, and then designing your new brand voice and tone.

Perhaps you’re not ready to go to such a drastic overhaul. Maybe you just need a website redesign or refresh.

Refreshing or redesigning your website

No matter the size of your company, your website is increasingly important to your success.

With hundreds of new websites springing up daily, it is important that your website remains fresh from; both a content and design perspective. Think about how quickly styles change in the fashion world. The web world is no different.

If the look and feel of your website becomes stale, and especially if your content becomes stale, you will struggle to keep new traffic coming to your site and in turn, converting that traffic into sales.

Most studies find that companies redesign their website every 2 – 3 years to keep it fresh.

Is your site mobile ready and user friendly?

Websites that are not mobile friendly are bad for users and bad for business. Consumers are performing more search on mobile devices than ever before. Users expect a site to load quickly, the ability to access the contact information easily, click-to-call access, big mobile friendly buttons, and limited pinching.

And let’s not forget the usability factor. Usability applied to both mobile and desktop versions of your website. Users should be able to easily find the information they are interested in within one or two clicks. They want the site simple and easy to understand.

Refreshing your content

Want to keep up with your competition on the search rankings? Then you probably need to refresh your content. Work with your marketing agency to perform the necessary research and compile a keyword matrix and get the proper guidance for refreshing and optimizing your content for search.

Are your calls to action not performing as you’d hoped? Now is the time to refresh your calls to action and get users to take the next step.

Imagery feel outdated?

Imagery plays a large role in the feel and branding of the website. Over time, your imagery can feel stale and out of date. Working with your web marketer, you could easily perform an imagery overhaul with a minimal budget. This may be enough to give your website the whole new appearance you are after.

Wrap up

When you are ready to make the leap into a website refresh, work with your web professional to ensure that you are making the right changes for the right reasons. Your web professional can help you maximize your budget to get the most impact.

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