Simple steps to high converting email campaigns

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You have tons of fans who adore your products. You have even more that comment constantly on your social media pages. You provide tons of content on your blog. So why aren’t your sales numbers increasing at the same speed as your social media followers?

Part of it is that it’s easy to follow someone and interact with them on social media, and it takes more of a commitment to buy from them. And part of it is that people are forgetful.

What if you could increase your fan-base and your sales, though? What if there was a way to get them even more interested? Have you ever considered setting up an email campaign?

Here is an idea to help you create a high-converting email campaign.

Come up with an idea for a course

Out of everything, this might be the most difficult step. You need to figure out what need your audience has. Yes, you’re already filling a need with your products or services, but what else can you offer? Go browsing through your social media pages. See what questions they’re asking, or what they want to know about a specific topic related to your industry.      

Write out the course

Now you want to write out everything you know about this question. Answer it to the absolute best of your ability, in depth and with great detail, while still treating them like rational adults (provided that’s who your target is; if you’re talking to children, edit accordingly). When you’re done, break it down into five or seven days. The idea here is to get your audience used to seeing your emails in their inbox, and more importantly, opening them and reading them.      

 Write up the soft sales pitch

At the end of one or two of your emails, go back and write in a “soft” pitch for one or more of your products or services. Keep it light and simple, as if you’re just recommending something to a friend. You do not want to push it at this stage.

Write up a hard sales pitch

Now for the hard pitch. You can do this one of two ways: a.) write in a hard pitch explaining how something you offer is either going to help with everything you just taught them over your email course or teach them more, or b.) you can send an email one day after the course ends that is entirely focused on making a hard pitch.

Test out the emails

Go to a trusted friend or employee. Choose someone to read over your new set of emails and point out any questions they might have after reading them. Go back into your emails and polish them. Shine them up until you’re satisfied with what you have to sell.

 Create a landing page and watch the numbers rise

A landing page is a promotional page unto itself. Here you would advertise the course, something along the lines of “Learn to do [X] in [X] days for Free!” All you need is for them to enter their name and email address. It helps if you have an additional freebie to offer them, something like a free worksheet. After having opened your emails over five to seven days your audience is going to feel more inclined to trust you. You’ve given them the answers to some of their questions. That proves that you listen to them and you know your industry. Since you’ve established that trust, and the regular pattern of opening your emails, they are also more inclined to go out on a limb and purchase your services or products. The more you over-provide, the more likely they are to want to buy.

The additional benefit of having customers sign up for a course is that you now have their email addresses and can continue to send them useful things like newsletters or other interesting notes to keep them in the habit even if they don’t purchase from you right off the bat. Experience shows that eventually they will.

The additional benefit of having customers sign up for a course is that you now have their email addresses and can continue to send them useful things like newsletters or other interesting notes to keep them informed, and keep your company brand in their mind, even if they don’t purchase from you right away. Experience shows that they eventually will.

If you’re interested in learning more about managing your marketing, or you need some help in doing so, please contact us today.

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