PPC Ads: Remarketing and Retargeting Your Website Visitors

Remarketing is a smart advertising technique designed to direct ads to prospects who have previously visited your firm’s website. This strategy can help turn visitors into paying clients by reminding them about your services. In most cases, people who visit your website have an intent that qualifies them as potential customers.

Retargeting visitors can nudge them in the right direction. The technique serves as a reminder and a call to action. The visitors are more likely interested in your services even if they did not take action during the initial visit. Many visitors to commercial websites are looking for specific information or shopping around for a local professional that fits their needs.

From a retargeting point of view, tracking these prospects across various online platforms presents a strategic advantage. The approach provides an effective way to boost your ad campaign’s ROI. You maximize benefits from the leads you have already attracted.

It comes as no surprise that the strategy is increasingly popular with marketers, including firms. However, remarketing ads require proper configuration to avoid wasting money.

Working with an experienced digital marketing agency or Google Ad specialist makes it easier to manage the retargeting campaigns. An expert can help you formulate an effective strategy to achieve specific goals.

Retargeting campaigns

Employing retargeting involves placing a cookie on the visitor’s web browser. Although the cookie does not store the visitor’s sensitive information, it enables you to keep a record of the visit. The cookie makes it easier to identify and retarget the user when they visit another website in the display advertising network.

This technique is viable for smaller, medium, and large firms, especially when launching new practices. You can employ the technique to promote various types of services and products.

Reports show that up to 97% of prospective clients visit between three and five related company websites before contacting one of them. Likewise, many people spend weeks or several months conducting thorough research about a service or product before deciding on a course of action.

These trends indicate that few people convert into paying clients on their initial visit to a firm website. With retargeting and remarketing, your firm’s ads follow prospects on various web platforms. In turn, the technique promotes awareness and helps prospective clients decide to get in touch or visit your offices.

Visits to your website provide a clear sign of interest since visitors consume or download product information, which qualifies them for your services. Working closely with a marketing agency enables you to formulate effective retargeting strategies.

Facebook provides a more affordable way to run retargeting ads, which is done using a pixel (a code embedded on your firm’s website). The pixel tracks conversions triggered by retargeting ads from the social networking platform. On the other hand, the code lets you optimize your campaigns based on collected data.

Facebook provides a fertile ground for advertisers thanks to the hyperactive user base. On average, Facebook users spend between 20 and 40 minutes checking messages and chatting with connections. The platform’s click-through rate is significantly higher when compared to traditional display ads. This enables you to drive more prospects to your site cost-effectively.

With the Facebook pixel feature, you can gain access to useful data when visitors use the search function or fill forms on your website.

Key benefits of retargeting

Adopting the retargeting technique comes with a wide variety of advantages for firms. These include:

  • Reduced cost per client acquisition
  • Significantly higher rates of engagement
  • Enhance the ability to recapture lost leads
  • Increase in click-through rates
  • Boost brand awareness
  • Serves as a reminder and a call to action

Essential features

Cookies can be stored on the prospect’s browser for a period of up to six months. You can tweak the duration based on your needs. This allows you to trigger retargeting ads at a predetermined time in tandem with your marketing strategy.

Frequency capping is a feature designed to regulate the number of displays per day. The ability to limit the frequency of ads is designed to avoid annoying internet users. Facebook offers the burn pixel that stops serving ads to converted prospects. You simply embed code on your website’s post-transaction page.

Programmatic remarketing

When it comes to programmatic remarketing, ad networks collect additional data about visitors to your site using advanced algorithms. The data helps determine various aspects of the programmatic remarketing campaign, including pay-per-click (PPC) bid price and ad selection.

Programmatic ads provide a more dynamic way to remarket your services to site visitors. Additionally, the ads are more data-sensitive than static ad controls. The best part is that your firm benefits from higher ROI. Programmatic algorithms give you increased control over campaigns.

As a result, you will find it easier to get prospects to fill contact forms or call your offices. By remarketing, you can convert a prospective client who might otherwise have been converted by another firm after visiting your site. The technique is smart and more affordable.

If you attract high levels of site traffic organically or via PPC ads, you can serve remarketing ads to a larger target audience. In the end, you are more likely to convert many visitors to paying clients, which boosts your case volumes.

Final thoughts

Retargeting and remarketing leverage two essential components of online marketing: personalization and automation. Once you configure various parameters of the remarketing campaign, the rest is automated. Furthermore, it personalizes the advertisements based on a previous visit to a web page. In this case, it displays ads relating to your firm’s services.

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