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Washington College Access Network

Screenshot Washington College Access Network website
Client logo - WCAN

Washington College Access Network is a non-profit organization that had a basic website that was difficult maintain and update while lacking page organization. They wanted a site that help users find the information they needed quickly and easily, so students could have the best possible opportunity for post-secondary education.

Our work included:

Audience Profiles

Performed in-depth analysis on varying audience profiles and the information each audience was seeking. We identified each of audience pain points along with their blue sky wish lists.

After a few iterations of architectural paths, it was decided to organize the site based on the needs for students, advocates and counselors, which simplified our navigation structure and all elements neatly fit well into these newly identified buckets.

The overall goal was accomplished to ensure that materials needed for student success was easy to find and download.

Our client - WCAN Signing Day
Designs of WCAN website

Simplified Access

Immediately after launching the new designs, they received high praise from counselors and advocates throughout the state, thanking them for being the only resource offering the materials and making it so simple to use.

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