Marketing strategy to win millennial business

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The fastest-growing demographic in the USA is definitely one that businesses should look on as a target market. Start-up and small businesses, in general, focus on firmly establishing and then growing their internet footprint. By focusing on specific demographics, you are most likely to appeal to the purchasing power of that demographic.

Every demographic is turned on – and turned off – by specific things. You build your web presence by making the most of SEO principles. The search engines find your site and promote it. Then comes the next essential part. What you say to the humans who visit your site determines how much you actually sell. You want new customers to buy, and you want existing customers to keep buying.

The Millennial demographic has approximately 75 million buyers. When you create a website that incorporates what Millennials expect, want, and associate with, you can get ahead of your competitors. Competitors well-established in the marketplace, may not be as driven to really attract each demographic as a start-up or an aggressive small business will be.

This 10 point marketing strategy to win Millennial business is your checklist for success.

  1. Understand the who of this demographic. Millennials are a diverse group. They fall into 14 clearly recognizable personas who are driven by, and attracted to, well-understood features. Build those features into your marketing. No business can market to everyone and succeed. Successful businesses market to discrete groups. Those groups are called buyer personas. You can sell the same product or service to each persona, simply by attracting each persona to a different page on your site, using specific hooks to attract them.
  2. Millennials are renowned for their short attention span, so capitalize on that by speaking direct to the persona(s) you want to sell to.
  3. Millennials use mobile devices to communicate, and to buy products and services through. Your marketing campaigns, therefore, must be Instagram-friendly, Tumblr-friendly and Pinterest-friendly, as well as Facebook-friendly. These first three media enjoy the fastest-growing usage among this demographic.
  4. Millennials expect everything they see and hear to be them-focused, not your company-focused or your product-focused. This reinforces one of the classic marketing principles – sell the sizzle, not the steak. Buying is about the expected experience of owning, using, benefiting from, and enjoying the results of ownership.
  5. Make it easy for them to relate to what you sell. This is where each buyer persona comes in. The 14 different personas look for and expect to see something that will immediately get them to think “This is about me”, or “This is for me”. Let us just take two personas.
    • The assertive, career-driven female is the so-called Boss-Babe persona. She is assertive, career-driven and goes at a fast pace. She is attracted to challenge, success, and what she gets by being successful.
    • The Nostaligic persona values things that are more traditional. They did not live through past times but they are attracted to certain colors, musical sounds, automobile models and so on, that speak of the good old days.

Make your web-page about each persona, and you will involve them, so your conversion process and calls to action (CTAs) will get the responses you want.

  1. All Millennials are image oriented, rather than sales-letter or text-based oriented. So build more pictures than words into your web pages. “A picture is worth a thousand words” rings true – so make sure the picture is one each persona will really relate to.
  2. Millennials value experience over productMillennials expect to see, feel and imagine themselves – or someone just like them – using the product or service. Use socially-proven images to drive engagement. Your basic key performance indicators (KPIs) tell you what to use or not use. If more of your chosen market clicks through, returns to or dwells on an image – keep using it.
  3. Use your existing followers, customers, and fans own images in your marketing. They speak direct to each chosen persona, so they are immediately attracted to it.
  4. Turn this simple content into clickable images that take your buyers through to your company’s shopping gallery and shopping cart. They see an image, they relate to it, they get a feel for it, they click on it, and they buy it. Quick, easy, instantaneous, profitable.
  5. Use contests and campaigns to encourage your buyers to share themselves and their purchases on the same mobile social media you use for marketing. This will encourage other Millennials in that persona to do the same. This produces a greater feeling of belonging, and generates even more marketing content for your business.

Marketing strategies work best when they are directed at whichever buyer persona you want to attract, engage and involve. Be specific, aim each landing page at a persona, measure their activity on your site, then keep what works, modify what could work better – and grow your business.

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