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A New Way to Manage Your webiste needs

We give you the time to focus on your business

We manage your website as a service (WaaS) through it's complete life-cycle

We pride ourselves on quality and dependability combined with amazing customer support. We do all this while keeping our pricing affordable. It’s not just about the final website, it’s about all the steps we take to get there and how we assist you along the way and even after your site goes live.​

We know you’re busy running your business, so let us manage your website.

The cold hard truth of the matter? Your website will never be finished and it’s never perfect.

Trends and technology changes constantly. Your website needs to be able to keep up. Which is why our team is proud to offer Managed Website Plans or Website as a Service (WaaS).

What are the benefits of a managed (WaaS) plan?

1. Smaller initial investment

A medium sized website built in the traditional website model can cost anywhere from $5-10K, while starting with a WaaS website plan, your up-front costs are $800-$1,000 and a monthly fee that ranges from $119– $179 per month. 

2. Website design never depreciates

With a traditional website design/development, you pay for the site as if it were a product, the site is designed, developed and goes live. It’s great, you love it, it’s modern. But design preferences change. What was ‘in style’ yesterday is ‘out of style’ tomorrow. Now your 6-month-old website you paid a lot of money for, is suddenly outdated looking. With our WaaS website plans, you can request element changes to keep your designs looking fresh, modern and clean.

3. Keeping up with technology

New protocols and integrations are coming out at a furious rate. A single change in technology can make part of your new website non-functional, shift elements unexpectedly, or even bring your site down all together.

Because websites are an evolving ‘entity’ on a quick to change technology platform, having the benefit of ongoing support and maintenance that comes with our WaaS service, means that your website has a team monitoring your technology stack to ensure it remains compatible with the ever-changing technology.

What do you get with our managed (WaaS) program?

Tailored Designs

We design and develop your new website on WordPress. Your website will use premium licensed tools and frameworks, giving your site a professional and modern look focused towards your target audience.

Content Writing Guides & Workbooks

Content is important. Really important. We provide you with some comprehensive guides to help you find your voice and write website content for your audience.

Optimized Imagery

We will utilize your images or provide you with quality stock photography that will enhance the look of your website. We ensure that all images sized for placement and are compressed for load speed.

Responsive Views

Your new website will be built to work on all browser sizes, mobile, tablet and desktop so your brand will have a consistent feel across all devices.

SEO Ready

Each website we design, develop and deliver is SEO ready. We write your meta data, optimize images ensure proper heading tags are incorporated and more.

Updates & Changes

Website changes and updates (new images, blog posts, add new pages, etc.) are handled by our team at your request. Up to 2 hours per month, ideal for most business situations.**

Hosting, Security & Backups

We host your website on a top-tier cloud server, with SSL and security monitoring. You can rest easy knowing that we have tools in place to monitor the security of your website as well as keep regular backups.

Monthly Reporting

Each month you’ll receive a report summary website maintenance and security.

Defined Digital Managed website solutions - start-up plan

Standard Plan

Ideal for basic informational or starter websites (starting with up to 15 pages of content or blog posts)


$800 one-time set-up fee

* Additional fee will be applied for more than 15 pages of content and/or blogs in initial development.

**If you will need more than 2 hours per month of site updates, please let us know so that we can create a custom plan just for you.

Defined Digital Managed website solutions - growth plan

Growth Plan

For slightly larger or more established websites, with lead generation form/content or advertising offers (starting with up to 25 pages of content  or blogs)


$1,000 one-time set-up fee

* Additional fee will be applied for more than 25 pages of content and/or blogs in initial development.

**If you will need more than 2 hours per month of site updates, please let us know so that we can create a custom plan just for you.

Defined Digital Managed website solutions - integration plan

Integration Plan

Optimized for large websites that need integrate with 3rd party tools (starting with up to 30 pages of content or blogs)


$1,200 one-time set-up fee

*Integrations include event calendars, schedulers, IDX, MindBody, etc. 

IDX (does not include required IDX fees paid to IDX provider) integration requires additional set-up and management fee.

Additional fee will be applied for more than 30 pages of content and/or blogs in initial development.

**If you will need more than 2 hours per month of site updates, please let us know so that we can create a custom plan just for you.

Providing a quick turn-around with our proven process.

Web Design Process - Discvoery
Sign up

Request your proposal, select the design plan that’s right for you and your business goals.

Web Deisgn Process - Messaging
Get Started

Access to our content marketing workbook, helping you prepare and organize your content. View our messaging guide and discover the right style for your website.

Web Design Process - Designs
Design Style

Explore your wireframes and style boards showcasing color and imagery options unique to your brand.

Web Design Process - Development
Ongoing Support

We build and manage your website so you can focus on running your business. Support requests for changes are included at no additional charge.

Traditional vs Managed Websites

*Cost estimates for 2 years

Quality SSL Hosting (1-year)


Website Design & Development (one-time flat fee)


*Estimate based on Defined Digital base design/development rate of $5,000. Does not include website protection, maintenance or updates.

Managed Website Plan (WaaS)


1 Year Website Management/Hosting/Updates



*Based on the Defined Digital "Standard Plan". Includes one time non-refundable set-up fee. Includes hosting, protection, maintenance and updates. for one year.

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Why Choose WaaS?

Everything you need handled by one team, in one place. Offering simplicity and peace of mind for one low monthly fee. Explore the benefits.


Read answers to the most commonly asked questions about our Managed Website as a Service Plans (WaaS). If you don’t find the answers you are looking for, please contact us, we’re happy to help.

Large upfront expense 50% of entire project fees due up front and 50% at launch

Significantly lower up-front costs, you pay a set-up fee and a low monthly fee

Website hosting is required for your website. We use two top tier hosting servers for sites we manage.

You pay for hosting

We host your site for you

Our WordPress development is always done using premium frameworks and plugins to provide speed and functionality and customization.

You pay for premium theme & plugin licensing

We pay for the premium theme and plugins

Your WordPress software and plugins need to be kept current or they pose a security risk

You learn and  handle the maintenance or pay an hourly or monthly fee for someone to manage your site maintenance for you

We make the updates to all plugins & frameworks for you as well as run regular security checks

Your website should continue to evolve with new content, element refreshes, new pages or blog posts.

You learn the software and handle updates or pay an hourly fee for someone to make changes and updates

We make all the updates you request to your website for you included in the monthly fee

It’s not out of the ordinary for a website to become compromised. We utilize the latest security tools to prevent website attacks. But if your website is ever targeted, we will restore your site.

You pay to repair your site if it gets hacked

We fix your site at no additional cost

Our fully managed website plans (website as a service plans WaaS) are all-inclusive. No hidden fees, no surprises.

Our process is designed to have most websites up and running in 3-6 weeks. Of course, there are always exceptions.

We like to call them “service agreements”. Our agreements detail payment obligations, the project timeline as well as services covered and cancellation policies.

All the sites we build are crafted with SEO in mind and are fully responsive, meaning they work across all screen sizes. We also ensure that every effort to ensure technical search optimization is done at development.

However, SEO strategies are an ongoing process. And every business and website scenario is unique. SEO is not a set it and forget system. We do offer ongoing SEO services for an additional fee.

Yes. Your involvement, feedback and input in the process is important. We will ask you a lot of questions in our initial consultation to fully understand your needs, wants and likes, so that we can develop your website that’s right for you and your business.

These plans do not cover content writing, but we do offer content writing workbooks and guides to assist you in the content writing process.

We do have add-on services to assist & guide you with writing great content for your website. Or we’re happy to provide full copy-writing services. Simply reach out and let us know you need help with your content.

We’re glad you asked. Just to name a few; text changes, adding a video, changing out links, adding or removing a page, starting a blog, adding blog posts, adding or editing a call to action, updating forms and files attached to your website, and even phone consultations.

We’re glad you asked this too. What we can’t cover in your unlimited support requests are items that are quite time intensive such as content or blog writing, creating or editing videos, custom photography work, custom design graphics, development of PDFs, etc.

Even though we can’t offer these services included with monthly plan, we do have the ability to add on these services. Just ask and we’re happy to provide you a written estimate for the work or connect you with a designer, writer or videographer in our partner network.

All requests are different. The time will vary depending on the complexity of the change. But most changes are completed within 24-72 hours.

We do require a minimum subscription term for your managed website plan (typically 12-18 months).

After your term expires, we’ll be happy to package up your website for your new hosting and/or webmaster.

There may be a licensing fee for any premium plugins used in the development of your website or we can disable them, and there will be minimal licensing fees for images and frameworks.

Have more time to managed your business.

We’re kinda geeky, and we love this stuff.  Let us design, develop, host, protect and manage your website.