How to Get Your Company’s Blog Posts Shared on Social Media

A company blog is a great way to share important information with prospects and customers. Search engines love blogs and will pick up well-written posts, giving your business free exposure when people search on relevant keywords. But search engines are not the only places where people should find your company’s blog. These days it seems as though everyone is on social media. Your blog posts should be, too.

So how do you get your brand’s blog posts shared on social media platforms? Here are five tips that will help encourage your site’s visitors to pick up and post your articles.

Include an Eye-Catching Photo with Each Post

This is one of the easiest things you can do.  It is a simple fact that people respond emotionally to pictures. If you include one in each post, then you greatly increase the chances of readers sharing your articles. In fact, according to HubSpot, readers are 40 times more likely to pick up and share content that includes a compelling picture.

Think about what will appeal to your audience. What kinds of things would they want to share with their friends? No matter what kind of website you have, you can always find interesting, fun or informative photographs that will enhance your posts and increase their chances of being shared.

Create Infographics

A surefire way to get your blog posts picked and posted to social media platforms is to include charts, graphs and lists in an inforgraphic. This is because with the rise of sites like Pinterest and Instagram, the American consumer is becoming more accustomed to absorbing information through visual means as much as through reading text. This is particularly true of millennials.

It is also true that most people struggle with information overload these days, so condensing your post content into an easy-to-read infographic increases the chances of it getting posted to readers’ social media pages. The infographic can stand alone or complement the information included in the written blog article.

Pay Attention to Headlines

Long-winded headlines do not work well on social media because they end up getting cut off, leaving your message muddled and your company looking sloppy. Concentrate on creating headlines with fewer than 100 characters, including spaces, so that they transfer well to Facebook and Twitter.

The same philosophy applies to each post’s description. Keep it short, simple and to the point. Two to three sentences or no more than 250 characters, with spaces, is optimal.

You also want to include relevant keywords in the headline and description since social media platforms have their own search function. So, for example, if you own a cupcake website and have a post about shopping for organic ingredients, then include the words “cupcake” and “organic” and maybe “ingredients” in the headline and/or description.¬† The more laser-targeted the keywords, the better.

Make Your Blog Posts Mobile-Friendly

Make sure to optimize your blog posts for mobile viewing. These days more people surf the web using a smartphone or tablet than a desktop computer. Particularly staggering is the fact that nearly 80% of users access social media through a mobile device.

So it is imperative that your blog posts look great on a mobile device across all social media platforms. This is particularly true with photos and graphics because there is no guarantee that an image that renders well on a website will look as good in a social media share. Issues with cropping and sizing are common, so optimize all photos and graphics for both your website blog and the social media platforms.

Say Thank You

When it comes to people picking up and sharing your blog posts, a simple thing like saying thank you can go a long way. Tweeting thanks to someone who shares your content on Twitter or adding a comment to the Facebook page of the person who posts your article creates goodwill for your brand. It also makes it more likely that your readers will share more of your content in the future.

Every small business should aim for getting its blog posts shared on social media. Adding eye-catching photos, infographics and short headlines help achieve this. So will saying thank you and making sure that your posts are mobile-friendly. In time, social media will expand your reach, enhance your brand, and, best of all, bring in more customers.

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