Effective content marketing

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Online marketing is important to the growth of any business.

How your business markets its web content can have a direct impact on your web traffic and potentially your online sales. With this in mind, if you lack an effective plan for developing content and exposing it to your target audience, you may be losing out on possible sales or client conversions.

Haven’t you heard? Content is king!

Let’s discuss a few tips to help you develop your road-map for creating an effective content marketing strategy.

Understand your target audience

Before creating any content, you need to properly understand and analyze your target audience.

  • Who are they?
  • What needs and Challenges do they have?
  • How does your product/service help them?

These questions are just the beginning. You could certainly expand on your target audience research by developing an entire persona profile around each of the multiple types of users who you might potentially target. But this leads to an entirely separate blog post for the future.

By identifying your target audience, you will be able to create content that will provide value to the readers which is rich with information and industry specific knowledge and of course is unique and engaging.

Create a business plan

When it comes to creating your effective content marketing strategy, you need to also make sure that your business plan is properly aligned to the audience expectations. Be sure that you are recognizing the needs of your customers once you start driving more business with your new content.

  • Be sure your site is mobile ready
  • Be sure to invest in search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Be ready to develop your social strategy

Generate engaging content

A successful content marketing strategy should bring new insights to users. Post content that is valuable; informing or educating the readers. Focus on being as original and unique as possible. And most importantly – be human! Remember that your users are people too, so feel free to write with an edge of humor if possible, building an emotional connection with your audience.

Create an editorial calendar

Now that you are posting valuable and entertaining content you need to be sure you are consistent in your efforts.

Create an editorial calendar to stay on track and produce content on a regular basis. This can save you time when it comes to writing, you won’t have to waste time thinking about what you are going to write for Tuesday morning.

Measure your performance

Last but not least, once your goals are decided, it’s time for you to track and measure your performance. Use tools like Google Analytics to see which content on your site is most consumed by your audience. This will provide insights for which topics tend to resonate with your readers. You can utilize the information obtained with analytics to further improve your content marketing strategy.

These basics should get your started with your own content marketing strategy. How successful has your strategy been for your business?

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