Design Trends in the Digital Age

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The advancing and ever-changing world of the web

The world is advancing towards great, unpredictable, and very advanced changes. Along with the modification of technology, many other things have changed within a span of merely 10 years. From huge black and white boxes, we went to smart televisions in no time at all.

The spectrum of web designing has also grown leaps and bounds. Starting with a static HTML page, the World Wide Web has come a long way in inculcating dynamic templates that not only deliver in terms of performance, but also enhance the user interface. Twenty years ago, who would have imagined a dynamic website that updates itself consistently without any manual assistance? These design trends, however, have not only increased technologically, but also artistically.


This trend is old, tried and true, but is still a major influence even today. You remember those good ol’ days when you saw someone carry a stereo on their shoulder? Now, they have shrunk in to the size of a car key in just a couple of years. The concept of minimalism is to keep an object as original as possible, but at the same time, keeping it easy to carry around, making it more stylish, and making sure that it is beyond expectations. In terms of the web, users expect to easily find the information they are looking for quickly and easily without clutter.

Don’t get minimalist design confused with minimal content. Content is still KING when it comes to search rankings. And there is no substitute for highly optimized, unique and relevant content on your website.

Imagery and photography

Photography has been instrumental in the revolutionizing of the web interface. Most website designs offer the flexibility to have a background image that covers the entire screen space. In some cases, this adds depth to the topic on which the website is based.

Having a high quality imagery properly integrated to fit within your brand can support your usability efforts and help guide users visually through the customer journey. Most all current websites rely heavily on imagery designs to market their products.


Competition is everything in the world of internet. With millions of web pages dealing with the same interest, there is an urgent need for businesses to be the trendsetters in their online presence. A clean, highly styled, user friendly website interface plays an important role in achieving web stature.

With the World Wide Web evolving to new pinnacles each day, one can only image the trends in design that are going to follow. For now, one can simply hop on the bus and become a part of the mania everyone calls the design trend.

What web design trends would you like to see in the future?

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