Creating Valuable Blog Content

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I’m sure you’ve heard this a million times, content, content, content! Well here I am once again sounding like a broken record…

“Yes, you need more content, yes it needs to be engaging, yes unique, yes, yes and yes”

Creating amazing content will help you establish your brand, build a following and generate traffic from the search engines. In fact, content is the life blood of your business website, it will bring you traffic, leads and even sales.

In order to reap these benefits, you need to create valuable content that is unique and engaging. Here are a few tips on creating valuable and unique content to separate your business from the competition

Consider personalizing your blogs

Readers want to know you’re a real person and not a ‘robot’ spewing advice. Consider starting off your blog post with a personal story from your life. This will immediately grab the attention of your readers, enabling them to connect with you and relate to what you have to say.

Create an idea journal

Coming up with regular ideas for blogs and articles is no simple task. For myself I plan to post a minimum of once per week, add in the extra holiday posts, perhaps a few must post now breaking news stories, etc. and I need to have an idea bank of 2-3 times this to keep my content calendar full and fresh. Whew, that’s a lot of ideas.

But great ideas don’t always come when you’re expecting them, so I’ve developed my ‘idea journal’. I jot down all my brilliant ideas, arranged by topic and category. When I’m sitting down to write up my posts, I can easily refer back to my ideas in my journal along with my well planned out content calendar and I’m ready for research time.

We are not talking about carrying around a physical journal all over the place. Utilize the resources you already have with you at most times. I use Evernote, it’s always where I am, either at my computer on my phone and it syncs across all my devices. I’m always thinking about my content and my business and this handy tool helps keep all my thoughts organized and in one place.

Do not skip the research time. Remember I discussed earlier about making sure your content is high-quality, unique and engaging. Well this is where the research comes in. You need to understand your audience, research your keywords and even research on trending topics to make sure you are writing about things that people are actually interested in. Be sure you are accurately targeting the right market and social space.

Leverage and/or expand on old articles and posts

Of course everyone wants to create something entirely new and unique, but you shouldn’t be afraid to expand or update on something you’ve previously written. Incorporate new information and new perspectives. Maybe you’ve previously written on a piece of technology and that technology has had an update or change, it is perfectly acceptable, in fact often recommended, that you leverage a change like this to produce a new related article. Perhaps in your day to day business operations you have developed a strategy that later turned out not to work out so well, it’s perfectly okay to leverage your success or even failure and re-write a post with your findings. Be human. Leverage your old writings and expand on them.

Don’t limit yourself to text-based posts

If you’re ready to try something new, go for it. Be adventurous. Try writing a video blog. Host a Q&A blog with another expert, get daring and have a designer develop and info-graphic. Whatever you decide to try, don’t be afraid, just keep creating.

What resources do you use for content creation?

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