Colors, branding & consumer perceptions

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Colored pencils on green background

One of the most important elements a small business owner has to consider when staring to think about their brand is their logo and the combination of colors.

A logo is not just a simple symbol or typeface a business uses. A logo conveys voice and tone and is leaves an impression with potential consumers. There are theories and concepts behind every logo which relate to human psychology.

The role of colors

Colors play an important role in attracting a consumer towards a brand. Psychologically, colors give perceptions which means as a small business owner, your color choices will reflect your business as a whole in the eyes of a consumer.

Although the colors can play a vital role in how a brand is perceived, they are often evaluated differently due to personal circumstance. For example, if your brother loves red, and your sister loves green, they have may have differing opinions about a business using these colors. Similarly, experience, preference, culture, context and upbringing can all have an affect on how your brand is perceived.

The emotions behind colors

In branding, each color represents a different emotion

  • Grey – balance, neutral, calm
  • Green – peace, health, growth, nature, beauty
  • Blue – strength, trust, dependable
  • Purple – wise, creative, imaginative
  • Red – bold, excitement, youthful
  • Orange – confidence, cheerful, friendly
  • Yellow – warmth, optimism, clarity

In some studies, researchers state that 90% of judgments made by individuals are based upon color alone. Therefore, when developing your brand, you should be respectful of the colors you choose and be sure they match they accurately reflect the nature of your business.

What do your colors say about your brand?

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