Why Your Business Needs To Develop A Freemium eBook

How you market your business depends on your goals. Are you trying to reach as many people as possible? Do you want to reach a certain group of people? Or are you trying to position yourself as a leader within your industry? For example, while a TV commercial might reach a wide range of people, it won’t necessarily show that you are an industry leader. On the other hand, putting out a detailed white paper probably won’t attract a large number of casual consumers.

However, marketing strategies are not exclusive to one goal or another. There are plenty of ways to market your business that will allow you to reach customers, while also improving your standing within your business’s niche. One such way is a freemium eBook.

What Is A Freemium eBook?

A freemium eBook is something you provide your customers for free, with the hopes that it will entice them into spending money on other products and services that you provide. The eBook contains useful information related to your business, designed to help out your customers for free.

For example, let’s say you run a gardening business. You could provide visitors to your website a link to download your free eBook, which is all about how to start your first garden. Inside the book is step by step instructions and other valuable information to your customers. But along with that are links to the products you sell related to starting a garden. While the eBook is free, customers are shown your other products, and since you’ve been so helpful at no charge, they are more likely to purchase your other products.

How Does A Freemium eBook Attract New Customers?

Everyone likes to get free stuff. If, upon visiting your website, new customers are shown that they can get something for free, this instantly provides value. If the book is good, they may even share it with their friends and family, or direct them to the site so they can download it for themselves.

Can A Freemium eBook Generate Return Customers?

Yes it can. When you give out the eBook, ask for the customer’s email address in order to send the download link. Once you have a collection of email addresses, you can send out a newsletter, or updates on current promotions you are running. The email list is comprised of people who are interested in your business, making them likely to turn into repeat customers. Not only that, but if your eBook provides a large amount of value, they will turn to it over and over again, sending them back to your website repeatedly.

Becoming An Industry Leader Through Freemium eBooks

Finally, the way to establish yourself as a leader within your industry is by showing you know your stuff. What better way than to put out an entire book filled with useful information? If the information inside the book is not only useful, but well researched and extensive, it shows that your business is thorough and really knows this industry. Once people learn that they can get reliable information from you, they will begin to see you as an industry leader.

Start Developing Your Freemium eBook

To develop your book, think about what questions your customers typically have. What topic will convince them to download your eBook, or what area are other businesses in your industry ignoring? Once you have a topic in mind, either write the book yourself or hire someone to do it for you. Remember to provide as much value as possible for your customers, and to include ways to make some sales from the eBook. After that, it’s just a matter of advertising the eBook on your website, and sending out copies to anyone who wants one.

Developing a strong eBook isn’t always easy, but it is usually worth the effort. Once you finish you’ll have a document that shows your company in a positive light, generates new and return customers, and helps to position you as a leader within your industry. So no matter what your marketing goal may be, a freemium eBook is a great marketing strategy to consider.

To learn more about how a freemium eBook works with your marketing plan, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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