Basic Tips for Creating a Dynamic Lead Magnet

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If you’re like most people, you’ve visited countless websites over the past year that you’ve never revisited. Probably what these sites lacked was lead magnet. If you own a business and have a website, it’s extremely important to not only get people to visit your site but for your visitors to be interested enough to purchase your product or services. Do you struggle to attract potential customers to your website? Maybe you do have some visitors, but they don’t buy your product. Here are four basic tips for creating dynamic lead magnet, along with the impact it can make in growing your business.

What is lead magnet?

Perhaps you’re unfamiliar with the term “lead magnet”. Simply put, lead magnet, which is also referred to as lead generation, is content offered for free in exchange for an email address. The purpose of lead magnet is to get people interested in what you have to sell so that they actually buy your product or services.

How the concept of lead magnet has changed

In the past, consumers had less information available to them, so marketers had to find prospective buyers and then pass their names on to a sales department. Because consumers of yesteryear didn’t have the internet to research information, they depended mostly on sales personnel to give them facts, regarding what they needed to know about a product.

But now everything has changed, thanks to internet search engines, which allow consumers to do their own research. As a result, today’s buyers are more informed and are able to learn much about products or services without needing to consult a sales representative. This has led to businesses needing to create a strong digital presence.

Define your customer or target audience

One of the most important things you need to do is to know your target audience or type of customer. To do so entails considering their needs and preferences and how your particular services or products are about able to meet these needs and desires. Once you’ve identified your target audience, you can be more specific, regarding the offer you want to present.

Offer freebies

A huge way to attract customers is to offer free stuff. For example, it’s common for software companies to offer free software download trials to attract potential customers. You could also offer free or discounted shipping. Other freebies may include those, such as free eBooks, webinars, training videos, interviews with experts and bonus tips.

Use landing pages

Using landing pages can turn website visitors into customers. A landing page is so-named because it a page that people land upon once they’ve clicked on an online marketing item, such as an advertisement. Keep in mind how landing pages are designed to both capture leads as well as warm up possible customers, which are both important steps before a customer moves further down the road to making a purchase.

Provide detailed cost information

Again, don’t be unclear, regarding cost and details about your product or services. Sometimes, the most important information that people want to know is the cost of a product, along with a comprehensive description of what it includes.

Considerations and warnings

  • Don’t make your lead magnet too long or complex.
  • Avoid being vague. Consider that a lead magnet should be designed for solving a specific issue and should offer a specific answer. What’s more, it should be addressed to a specific segment of your market.
  • Don’t offer intensive courses that involve a significant amount of time. Consider that people want a quick solution for their problems and don’t want to wait.
  • Don’t offer newsletters because most people don’t want to overload their inboxes with newsletter they may not even read.
  • Be sure to provide helpful information before it’s obvious that you want a person’s email address. Showing a “sign up here” or “call-to-action” button too soon can be linked with spam.
  • Effective landing pages should include a single, specific call-to-action. In other words, don’t overwhelm your audience with too much information about all the items or services your business has to offer. Instead, present readers with a specific goal, eliminating any excess data that’s unessential to your purpose.

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