9 Tips to Create Content for Landing Pages

Successfully converting visitors to your website into buyers isn’t magic. While there is no direct path to follow, there is a method to it. Creating quality copy for landing pages is important. If your landing page is to help move the visitor toward conversion, you need to approach the copywriting process with insight into the buyer’s mind. What follows are tips that help you write landing page copy to speed up your visitors’ journey toward conversion.

Keep your landing pages simple

A landing page isn’t the ultimate destination in the buyer’s journey — it’s only a stop on the way to making a purchase. Since buyers won’t be spending much time on the landing page, the content there should be easy to absorb and navigate. Use short paragraphs, descriptive subheadings, bullet points, and a prominent call to action.

Maintain continuity

If a prospect clicked on a link to arrive at a landing page, you need to make sure that you maintain continuity of experience from the link to the landing page. The landing page is not the place to talk about what a great organization yours is, for example. Instead, it should focus on moving the conversion forward. It’s important to make sure that there are no jarring changes that break the continuity of experience from one step to the next.

Concentrate on promoting the offer that you’re making

Your landing page copy should strictly promote your offer, and do nothing else. If you’re offering a 30-day trial for a service, you shouldn’t be talking about the long-term benefits of the service. You should, instead, focus on talking about the great things that the customer is likely to experience over the four-week trial. If you’re offering a free white paper, skip talking about the benefits that the paper offers, in favor of telling the visitor what they are likely to achieve by downloading the paper.

Provide numbers to back up your product

Numbers and statistics help convert far more effectively than simple enthusiastic statements about the benefits of your product. You need to try to provide numbers to back up your product, to make it more compelling.

Remember to put customer testimonials front and center

Positive testimonials from customers are a great way to convert visitors. Your page gains credibility when there are testimonials to point to. A testimonial presented prominently can also attract a visitor’s gaze much more effectively than regular copy. To use testimonials to make a landing page more convincing, be sure to obtain consent from customers.

Don’t put links on your landing page

Ideally, the call to action should be the only link on your landing page. If you put links to other places on the page, they will only send visitors away from the page that stands the best chance of converting them.

Write copy that sounds natural

Whether you’re a B2B company or a B2C company, make sure that you write copy with natural, simple language. Accessible language makes you more approachable, and keeps the visitor relaxed. Formal language, on the other hand, is often a source of stress, and can make a visitor less likely to complete the purchase or other action that you hope for.

Aim for simplicity when you design the form

If your landing page is effective, your prospects will want to sign up for your offer. The form that you present to them, however, will need to be simple, and not an obstacle on their way to completing their action. In general, if the product or service that you’re offering is a modest one, it should come with a form that is simple to fill. If it’s a more significant offer, you may be justified in presenting visitors with a more complex form.

There is no one winning formula that can help you create a great landing page every time. It’s a creative process. The ideas above can guide you on your way there, but you do need to apply a measure of creativity to come up with a landing page that works with most visitors.

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