5 ways to put the spark back in that “Like” button this summer

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Summer is just around the corner and that means, warm sandy beaches, flip-flops, ice cream, BBQs, and lots and lots of sun block is in your future.

If your social media marketing campaigns doesn’t have the spring you thought it would, then it may be time to renew that “Like” button.

Whether you are a newbie business just taking root or have been around the block a few times, here are five simple ways that you can help your audience rediscover that loving feeling and maybe even widen your following in the process…

Give your posts a makeover. You can stay in your sweats to do it.

Posts that feature inspirational quotes on a backdrop of floral or geometric designs are big for 2017. Though Instagram users have been posting these for quite a while, businesses are just now realizing that these downloadable images have real potential to not only get them noticed, but also to get their posts shared.

What makes these posts so great is that the attractive aesthetic of the images are items that people want to post and keep around on their pages. These link-backs are incredibly beneficial for helping you to gain a following and they also pull some weight with Google bots if you play your cards right.

*Not feeling “pretty posts?” Try one of these social marketing trends instead.

Give a little… get a lot. The best relationships are give and take.

It doesn’t matter what the prize is or why you are giving it away, people simply love contests and winning. Summer is a great time to hold a contest that revolves around your audience and the people that they love. Remember, people love to be noticed and if you find a way to recognize them… you’ll win them over every time.

Create a catchy, special hashtag and ask your followers to submit their most creative summer time ideas using your product. You could also ask them to post photos using your product. Think of a unique angle to make each idea interesting. Be sure to retweet some of the entries you receive to encourage even more audience participation. Promise a prize to the winners of your contest.

Make the world revolve around your customer.

Mr. Hey-Buy-My-Product is never Mr. Hey-Can’t-Wait-to-Read-Your-Posts. Sure… at first, he offers you a really great coupon for your first-time order – after that, he is constantly flooding your feed with “once in a lifetime” deals that make you want to unfollow him… or follow him to his house to TP it.

Today’s customer can demand more from a brand because they recognize the ball is in their court. With social media and digital sales at all time highs, your customers now can choose any company on the planet to do business with. In short, you need them more than they need you and you have to learn to reflect this in your overall voice. This is why you have to fight to stay relevant in your customer’s feed. You can do this by posting ways to make their life better, easier or healthier. For example, if you are a party supply chain, you could post fun picnic ideas, DIY party game ideas and other content that might pertain to your brand while still being customer-centric.

Don’t forget the little people.

Sometimes the key to growing your audience is to grow it indirectly but authentically. Parents love old-fashioned contests that invite them to submit their little Picasso’s best artwork. Not only does it give them a chance to share safely about something they love most, but it is also a nostalgic return to childhood for parents.

As kids, we all remember those coloring contests that the local malls and businesses would hold every year around certain holidays. We can now capitalize on this same idea in a much bigger way. Now, all parents have to do is open up their paint app or print out a coloring sheet to get in on a coloring contest. No driving to the mall needed.

To make this idea brand appropriate, find unique ways to include your product. For instance, if you were a fashion company, you might ask kids to design a new summer t-shirt. Give a gift card to your store as a prize or, if you don’t exactly sell much a kid would be into, give a gift card to the parent and a toy to the child.

As you get ready to enjoy the warm sunshine and beaches this summer, don’t forget to celebrate your audience – old and new. Your audience is the reason that you can bring home the bacon and provide for the hearts that you love most – and that is plenty of reason to put a little extra effort into putting the spark back into your social media marketing campaigns. Everybody likes to be “liked”… we have a feeling there is a whole lotta “like” in your future.

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