5 Truths about Ratings and Reviews

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How important are your online reviews to your business? More than you likely know. Great reviews can go a long way toward establishing your presence online, closing more sales, and improving your search engine presence. However, many companies neglect their reviews and do not actively encourage their customers to leave reviews when they have had a positive experience. The reason for this is that most business just don’t know how important a positive review presence is. Consider these tips as you look to improve online reviews and grow your business:

1. Reviews Are Important to Customers

Reviews are extremely important to customers. Did you know that 80% of consumers research at least one product online each week? Online reviews have huge sway with customers. According to Nielsen, 70% of consumers trust the opinions of other consumers that they read online. This just goes to show how much a single review can sway the purchasing decision of a prospective customer.

2. Google Cares About Reviews Too

Did you know that your online reviews have a direct impact on your search engine rankings? Many companies are unaware of this fact. Think of it from Google’s perspective. Would you rather send your users to a company with 50 total reviews, 47 of which are positive, or to a company that does not have a review online? Online reviews are the proof that your business is legitimate and is able to deliver on your promises, even if some customers have had a few negative experiences in the past.

3. Publicly Dealing With Negative Feedback is a Net Positive

All business are going to receive a negative review at some point. It is simply impossible for all customers to have a positive experience, especially when each customers comes into the transaction with differing expectations. Dealing with negative feedback is all about being transparent. Answer negative reviews in a professional way and offer to make good on your promise and you can negate or diminish the impact that a negative review has on your business.

4. Encouraging Reviews is Perfectly Fine

On nearly every online reviewing platform, you are allowed to encourage reviews. You probably see it all the time – companies encouraging their customers to leave a review bout their experience on Google or Yelp. What you are not allowed to do is offer any kind of incentive for doing so. You can not promise customers that leave a review about your business a discount on a future purchase, or any kind of benefit for doing so. If you are caught offering incentives, you can be banned from the platform.

5. Negative Experiences are More Often Shared

Negative experiences are more likely to be shared, according to SocialBarrel. This means that you shouldn’t take negative reviews to heart. They are going to come, and the real trick is knowing how you can deal with them. By being transparent and offering to make things right, you can negate the effects of a negative review on your bottom line. This also goes to show just how important it is that you encourage positive reviews so that you can close that gap to the best of your ability.

Too many businesses underestimate the effect that reviews can have on their online business until they start to feel the effects of a negative review. By encouraging positive reviews and understanding the importance of maintaining a positive online reputation, you can ensure lasting success online.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you encourage positive reviews and improve your online reputation, please reach out today to schedule your risk-free consultation with our team of reputation management experts. We’ll get to know your business and walk you through the process of improving your online reputation.

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