5 Tips For Blogging For A Small Business

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In this day and age, every business needs to have a website if it’s going to be competitive. And if you have a website, then you should really have a blog, too. After all, a blog is a great way to connect with your audience, and it will keep the content on your site refreshed, which will keep search engines happy. Writing a compelling, popular blog isn’t easy, though, otherwise everyone would be doing it. The following tips can help a small business turn some heads, though, and get both an increase in traffic, and an increase in business.

Tip #1: Decide Who You Are, And Be Sure Your Blog Reflects It

When you create a business, you decide everything about it. In addition to what you sell, where you’re located, and how many employees you have, though, you also create a personality for your business. Are you quirky? Experts in a specific field? Are you fun-loving? These are the traits that inform everything from your color scheme to your mascot, and they should inform your blog, too. Everything from the sorts of subjects you cover, to the tone you write in, should be a reflection of who you have chosen to be, as a business.

Tip #2: Update Regularly, and On-Schedule

When you’re running a blog, consistency is key. If you write one update a week, try to write it on the same day every week. If you have themed updates, such as writing about industry news on Monday, and store happenings on Wednesdays, don’t deviate from that setup without a good reason. People like consistency, and if you are inconsistent then it won’t matter how great your content is; people will stop reading it.

If you want to stay on top of your release schedule, it’s a good idea to write a few posts in advance. That way you can publish them on the day you need them without any worry.

Tip #3: Know Who You’re Writing For

Who is your blog for, and what is its purpose? Is it for your existing customers? Or is it to try to bring in new people? Are you looking to reach out to hobbyists, or do you want to be more inclusive, and cast as wide a net as possible? The worst thing you can do is write a blog without thinking about who it is that’s going to be reading it.

Tip #4: Remember That Your Blog is a Product

When you’re selling something, you never forget that it is a product. It’s easy to forget that your blog is just another product. It is an item, albeit a digital one, that is meant to add value to a reader’s life. So why would someone need your blog in their life? Does it inform? Does it entertain? Is it the only place they can come to get that web comic they really like? You can’t successfully market a product if you don’t know what it is, or why people need it.

Tip #5: Be Unique

Blogs are a dime a dozen on the Internet, so you need to ask what it is about your blog that’s going to make people tune-in and read. Do you offer a certain kind of insight? Do you have an exclusive deal with a particular artist who designs your content? Do you get the best interviews with industry insiders? This is a lot like filling out a dating profile. People are searching, and they want a blog that fulfills their needs. So, what needs of theirs will your blog fulfill that no other blog out there can?

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