11 Top Tips to Get Subscribers for Your Small Business Blog

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Building a valuable subscriber list for your small business blog has been proven as one of the best ways to find leads and prospects for your products or services. While that concept sounds great, the real question is how to find the people who want to learn more about your company. To help you create a strategy to build such a list, here are the 11 best tips to get subscribers for your company’s blog.

Creating a Blog Content Plan

1. Write blog posts that answer the questions that interested prospects ask routinely

A small business blog shouldn’t be random content that you or your staff write just because someone told you having a blog is a good idea. A blog is a good idea for many reasons, but if you are writing content to nurture leads, what you write is crucial. A best practice is to gather a list of typical prospect questions from your sales representatives. Then create at least one blog post to answer each question. In doing so, you are writing content with SEO value that will drive leads and prospects to your blog who are already interested in what you are selling.

2. Add videos and still images to blog posts to display your company’s expertise

There are two reasons for using videos and images. The first is that videos and images have SEO value if you label them properly. When you save them and upload them to your blog (or YouTube), fill in all of the fields using keywords as descriptive terms.

The second reason is that videos and still images help leads and prospects paint a picture of how you will work with them. Videos are especially popular to help people visualize how you do your jobs.

Online Methods to Get Subscriber Signups

3. Add a popup or slide-up box to your blog/site

A popup or slide-up box that shows up when new visitors arrive on your blog or website is an effective way to add people to your subscriber list. It can be somewhat intrusive, but if done well, it can be worth it because ‘it works’.

4. Create contests or giveaways

Fairly inexpensive contests or giveaways are an easy way to add subscribers. To help ensure that your subscribers are good leads, offer a service or product that relates to your best-selling item.

5. Offer whitepapers or e-books in exchange for contact information

For small businesses that sell complex products or services, detailed content such as whitepapers or e-books can help qualify leads. Only truly interested prospects will be interested in this in-depth information.

6. Create a landing page

A landing page is dedicated to a single topic, in this case why the visitor should subscribe. Give the visitor compelling reasons to join your subscriber list. Then add a Call-to-Action at the end.

7. Add a footer

Add a footer to every article, blog post or advertisement you create that asks visitors to become subscribers.

8. Add signup forms to social media accounts

Many social media accounts allow you to add a signup page. Take advantage of this channel to invite new subscribers.

9. Include share buttons on every post

Share buttons make it simple for current visitors to share your content. By adding them to the top or sidebar on your posts, readers will see them readily.

10. Use paid ads on Google

Paid ads are effective for channeling new leads to your blog or landing page. You can create your own budget to advertise on Google or other platforms that your target audience visits.

Finding Subscribers Offline

11. Use traditional face-to-face networking to find subscribers

Just because the internet is so handy, doesn’t mean that old-fashioned methods of networking do not work to drive business. Visiting local business events, joining a chamber of commerce and having a booth at trade shows are great way to find new subscribers. These leads can develop into new prospects or valuable contacts for referrals.

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