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Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.

- Albert Einstein

”As a small start-up on a limited budget, I have both little time and money. Knowing the success of my company hinges upon a strong internet presence, I knew I had to find just the right team to help me harness the reach and interactivity of the internet to build and maintain my brand. I hit the jackpot!”

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Natural Women's Products


”Our band has been helped and encouraged by the defined digital team. Our website looks great and performs outstanding. We could not be happier and keep the team on board for the continued growth of our business as well as peace of mind. ”

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”Very professional and knowledgeable. Completed the project quickly and with great expertise.”

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Youth Group


”Working with this team was a great experience. They have dedication and a passion for what they do. We are looking forward to a long lasting partnership with defined digital.

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Common Questions

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Nearly all decisions are initiated online. Whether users are looking for products, services, reviews or just general information, they expect to find the information or business online.

Ideally, your website would be updated on a regular basis with new content, blogs post and imagery. Websites that go long periods without updates and/or new content tend to not perform well. they can lack current and useful digital marketing objectives and produce little to no leads.

Website hacks have been on the rise. This isn’t an issue reserved for large or high volume websites anymore – hackers target everyone. Keeping your website secure, frameworks, plugins and versioning up to date will play a big role in the up-time and functionality of your website for your customers.

Search engine optimization makes your website or blog more accessible to search engines. By utilizing search engine optimization you make it easier for both the search engines and its users to find your company.

In today’s competitive market websites that are not optimized or that are poorly optimized don’t stand much of a chance at being found.

Pay per click (PPC) advertising is the method of buying advertising for your business by bidding on highly targeted keywords to generate traffic. Bidding on keywords that are heavily trafficked and relevant to your website can get you page one visibility.

PPC campaigns are supplemental to a good SEO strategy.

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